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    Question: Gold Background

    The gold background is done with regular inlay techniques, it is no different than any other inlay except there is just more of it.
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    Browning O/U side one

    Thanks Bill. I too enjoy seeing WIP photos on projects, and I am glad there are folks that can do them, but I avoid the WIP photo series. For me they are a nightmare, I found that it really breaks my flow. I had to do one for a knife show I did in Italy a couple years back, they wanted WIP pics...
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    Browning O/U side one

    I just cover it with painter tape and flip it over. There is nothing to worry about. Though I might add, I karat my gold down to increase its hardness. This gets it to cut cleaner and adds the durability necessary to hold detail better and to hold up to the handling it might have to endure at...
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    Browning O/U side one

    Hi Roger, In general I'll do one procedure at a time. I'll inlay first then cut scrollwork and remove background then line shade the scroll and then dot shade the scene. Though a Superposed is a bit of a jigsaw puzzle the way the barrel and fore end lock in, so I jump around a bit. Side two...
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    Browning O/U side one

    How long did it take? That makes me think of the Picasso napkin story. In actual working time I have 6 months into it and another 3 to go. This photo is just one side though, keep in mind the action has 4 sides which depict 3 full scenes and a bird portrait on the top side, plus the trigger...
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    Browning O/U side one

    Side one engraving is complete. Side two is now underway.
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    Scroll inlay troubles

    Inlay can be a large part of engraving on bits and spurs, I would recommend taking a class, and learning how to do it correctly and efficiently. Quality classes, with professional instructors can be costly up front, but usually save money, time and frustration over the long run. Hodge podging...
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    Transfer printer settings

    It sounds like the same problem I ran into a few years back with my hp printer, I did the same and just removed the color cartridge, it fixed the issue.
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    Coming soon!

    Now you can say you wrote the book on ornamental design :-) With your decades of study and application I am sure there will be a wealth of knowledge inside. I'll certainly be obtaining a copy to add to my library.
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    Western Bright Cut Tutorial

    Bright cut flower cutting sequence. 1. For this flower layout, I used a 1/2" circle on the outer and a 3/32" on the inner. It has been scribed for visual purposes only. I typically use transfer wax and a pencil, but whatever layout technique you prefer will probably work just fine. 2. Next I...
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    Western Bright Cut Tutorial

    Bright cut scroll cutting sequence. 1. I have wriggled the backbone, I used a 37 flat 40 deg. face and no heel or a very low angled heel I use the low hand technique and over exaggerate the wrist roll to get this type of look. Keep the edge of the tool on the outside edge of my guide line. Also...

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