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    Question: What is the proper steel for machine engraving precious metals?

    By machine engraving are you talking about a pantograph? Or do you mean your pulsegraver? If its the pulsegraver, you can cut with all kinds of things... old files, bed springs, old burs, drill rod, I have tools out of all those and more scrap... but the commercial blanks are pretty convenient.
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    Help Thermo plastic or wax

    Ya. I like to see, sometimes I flip a bracelet to sign the back and get a nice inversion of the carving... I use alcohol, but often struggle to get it to release... do you make some sort of vent to get the alcohol in there?
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    Help Thermo plastic or wax

    I don’t see a picture. But if it’s just to test the design, just some plastercine will do you. If it’s to preserve and immortalized the disigh it will be hot wax.. guessing you make your own. Drip some sealing wax in heat resis rant container (tin?) and away you go.
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    Question: Cleaning wire after annealing

    I pretty much never clean my metal as I draw it down. Never had a problem (knock on wood) But cleaning it is probably still best practices.
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    How do I remove some scratches (OOPS) from polished pewter Julep Cups?

    If you are going to burnish- burnish in the direction of the scratch. This will neatly close the scratch. If you burnish across the scratch your approaching stroke may somewhat close the score but the crossing action will open up the other side and you’ll end up with a riffle effect. Because...
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    Cleaning old Engraving

    Three things that I do for fragile work like that would be some sort of solvent to decouple some of the grease in the lowlands. Electric toothbrush can get in to places and the opposite motion of the brush And I often sharpen up wooden tools to get into places with cemented in crud.
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    Hand Engravers Association of Great Britain

    Do they have membership in oxford?
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    Air pressur and Engraving handpice

    With a spring in the handpiece it is meant to receive spurts of air rather than a steady flow.. with a steady flow there will be no reciprocation.. I believe there are other systems (gravemeister?) that operated on a similar principle but with suction,,, Anyways, from your illustration it...
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    Good Clearance for Super Deep Cuts - Graver Shaping

    those lindsay high angl;e gravers will do just what you are asking.. as you see fit you can grind out running away from the cutting edge and you will have all the relief you need for signets and stamps.. there is another way you can look up some Japanese engravers.. the face of their tool...
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    Cracking on 18K red gold wire while rolling.

    Lots of trouble over the years specifically (only) with 18kt red gold. Lots of little things I have heard, and I throughly everything at it and get decent results. Sometimes I get a fracture and make two pieces of plate or wire intead of one. All said here already, but Don’t keep the heat...
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    Engraving Standing Up Using GRS Palm Control To Help With Back Problems

    Jimmy hart engraves and chases on a standing jewellery bench... hand push tho, not assisted
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    Announcement: New PULSEGRAVER announcement

    Is it just Milwaukee that makes the inverter? I’m a bit deep into another color
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    Stipple Point

    How do you get an eccentric point grinding it spinning? Do you offset your blank a little bit? Or do you chuck it up in your qc holder?
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    Phosphor bronze Canada

    Otto definitely ships to canada
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    Need Die Sinker's Chisel .125"?

    You might try to grind those chisels... its probably easier than whatever you want to do with the chisel once you have it

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