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    Hello new member here from northern indiana

    What are you using for a mask? Those are nice deep etches without overshoot.. nicely done
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    Needle file question

    You can grind up the backside of your needle files if you have tighter spaces to fit... I have also reshaped needle files with heat.. you have to regarded them after.. but I do have one that I didn’t even bother to reharden (a square that I bent on edge to score a kerf in a box I was making)...
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    Fogging scope

    The anti fog I use in the bathroom mirror is shaving cream.. put it on mirror, while it off.. not sure if it has any residue that would bother your eyes tho, if you spend time with it jammmed right up in your eyeballs
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    What’s it from? Pretty creative
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    Sand blasted stainless steel

    If there is a burr left along one side of your cut.. an annoying way to fix it would be to follow up your cuts with a light pass, just on the burr side.. same tool, or a flat might serve?
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    Sand blasted stainless steel

    Or if was the great outdoors it would be just plain old “brrr”
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    UK newbie

    Was just out there. ... didn’t get out of the Pitt Rivers basement tho :(
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    Graver or Scope?

    In that case, my recommendation stands.. get yourself a good ball vise. I rarely zoom in past what my optivisor would provide in terms of magnification, the real value of the scope (for me) is in ergonomics.. My advise does not stand if you do opt for a scope. As mentioned by Ralf, if you...
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    Graver or Scope?

    I assume you have a ball vise.. that is the number one piece of equipment.. You can get by with optivisor.. you can carve what you can see... a cheaper way to increase your control is to use hammer and chisel (which is a bit of a different setup) But the workholding will be the most...
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    What to do in Berlin ?

    I like this. Destination and process.
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    What to do in Berlin ?

    Check, and check
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    Red flags

    Not seen any such thing…yet.
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    What to do in Berlin ?

    I have two weeks in Berlin while I attend a show that I have been involved in at the Humboldt Forum. Are there any stops I should make while I’m here? Engraving related, or otherwise?
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    Hello Monk.. How’s the phone situation? Could I bother you for those pictures? Is email or...

    Hello Monk.. How’s the phone situation? Could I bother you for those pictures? Is email or text better? 778-828-9165
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    Question: Titanium

    The general advise is cp 1 or cp2

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