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    sculpting by Mr. Alfano

    I agree, it goes over all the questions that have come up for me while practicing my sculpting. The DVD course goes over everything you need to know in order to learn the technique. AAA+++ Sam. Thanks again
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    Lindsay Engraving Collets vs GRS Tools Collets

    Thanks for sharing and clearing that up. I suspected they were interchangeable but wasn't positive. Now we know! Thanks again ✌️
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    Some knotwork in titanium...

    Great work, and nicely executed The Tritium vials are a cool touch too
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    A little scrollwork

    Absolutely beautiful
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    Cafe Interview with Steve Adams

    Steve is an amazing artist and skilled die maker/engraver/sculptor/magician. If you haven't already definitely go watch his videos on YouTube because they are excellent. The camera angles, clear shots, up close demonstration and overview and explanation of his tools is absolutely PRICELESS. So...
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    Jura Artgraver engraving machine?

    I agree, that's not always the case, and we shouldn't forget that in reality all you need is a single piece of tool steel and a hammer to get started. I'm intrigued by the pulse graver and would love to try one out someday. But at the end of the day, all you need is something to move the graver...
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    Jura Artgraver engraving machine?

    It's actually not an air hose but a cord or cable kind of like a micromotor handpiece. The pedal also is very reminiscent of a micro motor pedal.
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    What is hopefully a quick question.

    Thanks, I got online and did a little research and aside from the blender pen, which I have, and does work with ink jet and pictorico transparency sheets. I also found that prisma makes 3 different 40% grey merkers. Cool grey 40%, warm grey 40% and neutral grey 40%. I'm interested in trying this...
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    Inkjet Transfer Recommendation

    One thing I've noticed, and maybe I just haven't figured out exactly how to use it correctly but the search function doesn't work all that well. Many times I've read a thread and tried to go back and find it later with keywords and I'll get nothing at all if I'm too specific or all the results...
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    What is hopefully a quick question.

    Is the prisma marker the blender pen? Or another type of prisma marker altogether maybe? I'll take a look at them... For anyone else who isn't aware, the prisma blending marker also works great with the pictorico transparency sheets and a ink jet printer. I also still use my damar/acetone...
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    English fine scroll -- layout on paper

    If I'm doing something serious I'll design and transfer my backbones using an ink jet and pictorico transparency film with a damar solution. But for small English scroll designs I'll often use sams transfer wax or any wax and I'll draw and pencil in the backbones, then when I'm happy I lightly...
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    English fine scroll -- layout on paper

    I can see it! That's a great start and nice design. Everything looks "correct" as far as I can see . If you don't already be sure to follow and check out Ken Hunts instagram account. It's a serious plethora of engraving and ornamental design knowledge like no other. I've saved hundreds of posts...
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    Critique Request English Fine Scroll Practice

    Here are some great tips from Ken Hunts Sketchbook posts
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    Critique Request English Fine Scroll Practice

    If you follow Mr Ken Hunt on Instagram he posts some amazing tips in his notebooks with illustrations of laying out fine English scroll and also filling the inside, and then details the outside tendrils as well. It's the best resource of information on English scroll that I have been able to get...

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