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    Question: The problem of dividing section by a divider

    Hello. I've come across this a while ago. Measuring the distance between the points of the divider will only be accurate on a flat surface because it is a straight line between the tips. That same distance travels around the circumference of the outside of the ring. The distance between the...
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    Practice dial for uocoming custom watch build.

    I totally agree. There is alot of detail still needed to the background and the elephant. Thank you for your comments
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    Practice dial for uocoming custom watch build.

    I'm probably going to use 20 ga (.8mm) for the platinum dial. It's going to have diamonds flush set and wanted enough thickness to assist in the setting. I've not done alot of watch work before. Most dials are much thinner so some extra planning needs to happen to allow for the extra height...
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    Practice dial for uocoming custom watch build.

    This dial is fine silver and not finished yet. It's my first elephant, and still learning bulino engraving. Trying out some different cuts to see what works best for me. The plan is to make another for my customer with a platinum dial with rose and yellow gold inlays and gold watxh case. Any...
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    what type of ink?

    i had a similar problem. It worked fine when I removed the 3 color cartridge and only used the black ink cartridge. Worked great for transfer on clear transparency film.
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    Question: fusing gold to steel

    I've done quite a bit of laser repair on gold, platinum, silver, titanium, and stainless steel. you can get get them to weld. I had the best results in working with the laser settings set to the lower melting metal and fusing it onto the higher melting point. Usually the welds in my...
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    Question: fusing gold to steel

    Hi Diane, I've not tried it to steel yet but Platinum is beautifully suited for this due to its high melting point. I'm a jeweler with little free time so I haven't been able to try it with steel yet, but I believe it could be done in a similar way you would use brazing rod on steel. The...
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    2019 Safari Auction Rifle Sets New Record

    Bravo! Masterful work as always. Congratulations Mike.
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    Cabot 1911

    Awesome work Otto!
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    2019 FEGA-Colt 1911 auction gun.

    Fantastic work! I wish I could make it to Vegas this year to see it in person. A special thanks to you Layne for extra work on producing the videos on youtube of some of the processes you used. You are a true asset to the engraving community!
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    Lucky Students

    Thank you John. I'm so excited to be enrolled in the class! Who else was lucky enough to get in before it was full.
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    Gold and platinum tiger watch finally finished

    Thank you Scott. I learned a lot with this project and I see more watches in my future!
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    Gold and platinum tiger watch finally finished

    Hello, sorry for the delayed response...I used 20 gauge platinum for the dial. I would have used thinner if I wasn't setting the large bagguette diamonds. I cheated on the inlay by melting the gold into relief engraving. probably only .3mm deep. I've struggled with inlaying 14kt rose gold...
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    Gold and platinum tiger watch finally finished

    Tis was probably the most fun I've had on a project in a long time. I learned alot using the lathe and I think I'll be playing with the Smithy mill/lathe combo a lot more very soon. Everything accept the watch movement and crystal installation was done in house at Greenlake Jewelry Works...
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    Platinum, 24k, 14krose gold watch dial

    Getting close to finished with the dial for a custom watch we are making. Next I'll add some fir and more shading. The inlay was achieved by melting 1st the 24k into carved/recessed areas, and then melted the 14k rose gold.

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