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    Multi color inlay work

    Beautiful Work.
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    Question: Tricks for flare cutting?

    Well done. My compliments. Thank you.
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    Standard Scroll Book

    Thank you.
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    Question about drawing and software

    Very Well presented!
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    Note from a 6 year old - HUMOR

    Thanks for posting - I too got one heck of a laugh!
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    Abuelo Angel's revolver

    Wonderful. Thank you for sharing with us.
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    Garage News: Sculpted buttplate progress

    Fantastic work and very inspirational.
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    Updated P&V Design

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    A simple knife with snake scales

    Evgeni - Beautiful work. Its good to see you posting again.
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    Elk scene

    Fantastic work.
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    Garage News: The Eternal Project

    Just fantastic!
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    Returning from semi-retirement

    Welcome back.
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    Very nice.