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    Chinese Engraver Problems

    I've seen this in many walks of life. There are exceptions to the rule of cheaper isn't better, but sadly people tend to assume the exceptions are the rule. That's different from looking for a good price on a good thing. When people ask me why I'm willing to spend more on somethings my standard...
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    Appleby's Phoenix Gun

    Yes I saw those and had the same thought but importation would probably be a nightmare and I'm nowhere near ready to try something like that. If it were easier and cheaper I'd think about acquiring such for a future project. Jeremy
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    Appleby's Phoenix Gun

    I recently posted an Instagram link to images of Malcolm Appleby's Kalahari gun. If you like his engraving style then there's an opportunity to take a look at some moderately high resolution images of his Phoenix gun at the Gavin Gardiner website. It's going up for auction at the end of the...
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    Online Photo Resource for Study

    Many are probably familiar with the Holts auctions in England and the opportunity their online catalogue provides. For those that aren't I thought I'd point out that some of their listings have very high resolution digital images with the ability to zoom in on details. For a number of pieces...

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