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    Help, please: Trying to get back into engraving. Brain-stuck

    As someone cycling in and out of beginner practice as I have time something I have found that works for me is not to jump straight to images but to find a way of practicing the most mundane cuts in interesting ways. For example, I created a maze on a square plate and practiced parallel straight...
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    How Deep To Cut?

    I'll chip in with my beginner's observation. I too find I tend to cut far too deeply in general work. I'm getting better but just know you're not alone. I think it's common for beginners. Jeremy
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    New Damascus Purdey

    I find properly finished damascus beautiful, but if I were spending Purdey level coin on one of their guns I would be telling them what it looked like not vice versa. And that look would not include grotesque swirl patterns on the locks. It would involve my choice of the finest engraving on...
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    Announcement: All Pledge Membership auto-renew subscriptions cancelled

    Too bad. I liked the autopay because I'm lazy and forgetful . But I accept we have to put in a bit more effort to make up for the impact of those members of society on the left limb of the bell curve. I dislike people who blame others for their flaws. Thanks for all your work on the Cafe. Jeremy
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    GRS 2020?

    Does anyone know when the GRS 2020 class registration us likely to be active? I'm hoping in the next couple of months so I can get vacation requests in. Jeremy
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    Question: Any schools/courses for improving my hammer and chisel engraving?

    Living in the USA I have no experience of them but the following offer training in the London area: Jeremy
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    Published November 2019. The Art of Champleve Enameling and Engraving

    As a beginner with some class experience I found this (I'm about about half way through) an excellent and inspiring book. Well worth the price; thanks for pointing it out. Jeremy
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    Help, please: "english" scrollwork

    While not that specific engraver, for examples you might find it useful to browse past catalogs at Holts auctioneers on line. In some cases in their standard bidding auctions they have very high resolution images that you can zoom in on to the point where you can see individual cuts. Jeremy
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    Mantis Elite 'scope Experience?

    No apology needed at all. Thanks for passing on your informed opinion after looking into it. Very interesting. Jeremy
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    Mantis Elite 'scope Experience?

    Thinking about it more though don't most (all?) microscopes have only a single objective lens so there's no real depth anyway? Jeremy
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    Mantis Elite 'scope Experience?

    That makes a lot of sense. Thanks. Jeremy
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    Mantis Elite 'scope Experience?

    Hello, I came across an interesting microscope n one of Malcolm Appleby's Instagram posts. It appears to be a Mantis Elite which seems to use a digital display rather than traditional eyepieces. Has anyone had any experience with this piece of equipment? Jeremy
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    Chinese Engraver Problems

    I've seen this in many walks of life. There are exceptions to the rule of cheaper isn't better, but sadly people tend to assume the exceptions are the rule. That's different from looking for a good price on a good thing. When people ask me why I'm willing to spend more on somethings my standard...
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    Appleby's Phoenix Gun

    Yes I saw those and had the same thought but importation would probably be a nightmare and I'm nowhere near ready to try something like that. If it were easier and cheaper I'd think about acquiring such for a future project. Jeremy
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    Appleby's Phoenix Gun

    I recently posted an Instagram link to images of Malcolm Appleby's Kalahari gun. If you like his engraving style then there's an opportunity to take a look at some moderately high resolution images of his Phoenix gun at the Gavin Gardiner website. It's going up for auction at the end of the...

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