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    Brushes help

    I don't recall the exact thread, I just did a search here on the forum, i think i searched for brushes, and just started reading what populated
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    Procreate Brushes for Engraving Designs

    Brother can you also send me those brushes. Reply
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    Procreate Brushes for Engraving Designs

    Brother can you also send me those brushes.
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    Brushes help

    Ok, ive found Sam's brushes for pro create, ive seen Mr.Hunt using them on Affinity in vector, but cant find those. I have some for illustrator, but ive been wanting to expand, find new ways to skin a cat. Are the procreate brushes importabe to illustrator and does someone have the affinity...
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    Coarse grit sharpening?

    Sam if I remember correctly it was the other Sam that might have mentioned something to the sorts and I've stuck to it ever since I only go to 600 grit to work on firearms stainless no problem
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    Colt Super .38 Restored

    JJ how you been brother many years I have not been on here glad you're still doing your thing the best keep it up. Carlos
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    L.D. NIMSCHKE - Colt Single Action Army

    JJ nice to see your still posting engraving history, thanks for the articles you've mailed menin the past, take care amigo
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    Watch engraving - before and after

    David, How you doing brother, had not been on the forum in years, I think, anyways I see your work is as clean as ever, great job!
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    How is this floor prepared for inlay

    Hello everyone it's been awhile since ive posted, but I have a question, vital is doing this work, ive contacted him , he has not replied as of yet. But i wanted to ask you guys how he created the floor for inlay. Here is a picture, i know how to inlay, np just want to knownhownhe did it and why...
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    Announcement: Pledge Membership

    I think account issues should be taken up privately on a one on one basis, contact him Guns, Knives & More
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    engraving 101: how to use a punch

    Thanks for looking. Had a few moments to make this video, Here is info on how to use a punch. enjoy please susbcribe
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    Announcement: poor mans: graver blanks and power hone

    Please read the details for the video, will point you in the right direction. I made this mostly for those that are starting out and do not want to spend the big bucks on graver blanks (they get expensive) and or a power hone. please see other videos and subscribe I hope this helps...

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