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    Since the Jewelry Profession is related to Hand Engraving

    Look at the stuff coming out of India, at prices that even the homeless can afford.
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    Honest Question

    I have been a gun owner for almost 7 decades. I own none that are engraved. To me, guns are tools. Although I do admire some that are engraved, others I look at and wonder what possessed the owner to have it engraved.
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    Motorcycle Piston Carving

    Awesome art!!!
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    1000 year old graver

    On our ranch is a large area of flint rock supply, at the bottom of that hill is a creek. We have found all kinds of worked flint in 3 locations that must have been an Indian workshop area that they made arrows. To the south east about a mile is a farm that my daddy sharecropped on, sometimes...
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    My sex-change operation

    My wife's comment was :wow", I agree.
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    Question: Engravers Cafe vs Engraving Bench - Hand Engraving Tips & Techniques

    Facebook has it's place, but for learning and teaching the forums are hands down the best source of information.
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    Steel plates practice

    Find a local steel supplier, you will save the shipping costs and have it now. Another source is fender washers, can't remember who suggested them, but I had a ball "doodling" engravings on fender washers. You can remove the zinc coating with muriatic acid, do that outside and STUDY about the...
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    Alternate tools for graver sharpening

    The faceter system will work. The hones are basically the same, the GRS is nice, but it does the same thing. The angle thing that you use to grind facets on gems will also let you grind consistent angles on the gravers. You will need to jury rig a graver holder and figure out the angles and...
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    Lube for engraving aluminum

    Ed's Red bore cleaner. A homemade concoction that I use for a lot of things, contains Dexron ATF, kerosene and mineral spirits. I leave out the acetone. 3 quart cans poured into a gallon can and I have enough for decades. The last batch I used citrus based mineral spirits, it makes it...
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    Problem with GRS Power Hone

    If it has been sitting for a long time, try to start it by turning it on and giving it a push by hand. The grease on the bearings may have hardened and "locked" it tight. I once took an old fan and removed the blade and attached a drill to the shaft, ran it about 2 minutes. Replaced the blade...
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    Question: Thoughts on engraving onto plastic?

    I use pieces of PVC pipe fpr bands on duck calls. The PVC will polish up almost as good as ivory and is easy to engrave with hand gravers.
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    Portable bench?

    Start with something like the benches described on these lengths, but cut the horizontal length down to a manageable length. Using 2x4's for the lumber instead of 2x6's and length to about 2 foot, it should be stable and portable. Bolt the top "bench" to the legs for disassembly...
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    Micromotor vs flex shaft

    This is from a woodcarving forum, I think the discussion will answer your questions.
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    Which sharpening template?

    The Otto Carter Template has degree marks and you can try multiple angles.
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    Harbor Freight Recommendation

    I used one of their wood lathes making game calls, over the years that I had it, I probably made 7000 calls. it paid for itself a thousand times over. I also used their 3/8 angle head drill as a power sander, $20 on sale, it replaced a Milwaukee angle drill that cost about a $100 that lasted...

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