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    Using acid to remove steel burs

    Jeweler's pickle solution will dissolve (rust) steel. I use it to remove small drill bits when they break and get stuck in jewelry. Hot works quicker.
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    Question: Thoughts on engraving onto plastic?

    I seem to remember seeing somewhere that plastic silverware is great for practicing bulino or scrimshaw.
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    Critique for a beginner?

    I would recommend you start out with some basic engraving practice - Straight lines, concentric circles, graduated shade lines - the type of boring practice that most beginners want to bypass. Also keep drawing and don't engrave a design until you have refined it at least twice. You can touch...
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    Engraving initials on outside of wedding band

    Print your text and tape it to the outside of your ring. Use a needle to poke through the paper and leave a tiny dot on the ring at the ends of the letters. Connect the dots by eye.
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    Any script engravers on this forum?

    The Jewelry Engraver's Manual by Allen Hardy & John Bowman has a lot of good introductory info.
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    Try darkening your background areas as if you had done "background removal" in your finished engraving. This will help you envision that your "negative areas" are evenly spaced and in proportion to your leaves and tendrils.
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    Tricky Coin

    Removable sword opens secret window.
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    Engraving costs today?

    At 4% inflation things double in price about every 20 years.
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    Hammer action on gravermax

    Works great for bezels and channel setting.
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    Question: Cleaning/ Finishing up engraved items.

    Tumble finishing is steel shot will shine up your piece pretty well without rounding off edges or removing detail like buffing will. Personally I leave most of my pieces with a "brush" finish which I get with a quick once-over with some micron-graded abrasive "non-woven" paper, ( #...

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