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    Colt Collectors Honor their Show Gun Engravers

    Congratulations Brian! your work has been and will continue to be a great inspiration!
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    New Engraving Class

    I had a 2 day scrimshaw class with Mike at the Adams school of woodworking in 2017. this was a great class & it is a great facility. Good luck with the new class! Scott Ward
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    Stonewall Jackson Rifle

    That's a good looking rifle!
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    Good, Bad, and Worst

    Allan621: Thanks for the info!
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    Portable bench?

    I tried carrying equipment around, it was too much hassle for a lunchbreak. Good luck!
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    Portable bench?

    A pencil & paper were the most portable tools that I used at work. I did a lot of drawing when I had some down time.
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    2019 Safari Auction Rifle Sets New Record

    Congratulations for the successful auction!
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    Colt Roadster

    I like the flames, pretty cool!
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    GRS Satellite Turntable Package

    Does anyone have a comparison for the old turntable to the new turntable?
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    Announcement: A Great Engraver Honored.

    Diane, Congratulations! You are great instructor & I hope you continue for a long time!
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    How old are you?

    Brant, Happy Birthday! Scott
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    Announcement: Forum software upgrade

    Sam, It seems to load faster, & I didn't notice anything missing! Great Job!