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    Announcement: I'm Retired

    I have had this same attitude for a few years now. I cut what I want, when I want, and the way that I want it. These are my rules and I am incredibly happy with my work. But I never seem to have a problem selling anything that I cut and for the price that in want for my work.
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    120 chips MUCH SHARPER than 90s

    it must be your magnetic :happyvise:
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    sharping lap

    if you find a cheap ceramic lap let us all know.
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    Kinda New Here

    I love your work; I have problems with my right hand and arm from my spinal cord is pinched at the c3 and c2, so I get where you are coming from.
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    Question: Practice plates

    Holy cow jldj you brought out all of the really big guns with your question, prepping your work is most important but no one talked about filing prior to sanding, good file work will saves hours of for practice plates try this rule when you clamp your work into the vise and it flexes...
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    that's what i was going to ask.
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    Help, please: 100 scrolls designs challenge

    I am just like you I can’t even draw a bent line let alone a strait one but draw, draw, draw you must. I went to a business supply store and bought a drawing templet that had different sized rectangles. And drew the rectangle and then the backbone inside the rectangles, this helped me to keep my...
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    Trigger Guard engraving: How to....

    If I am really worried about damage I will glue some scrap leather to my wood blocks.
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    Engraving Hammer Styles

    that's easy for you to do, I wear 13 H shoes. I'm lucky to be able to walk a crossed a baron desert without tripping over something let alone walking around a pedestal. :D
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    Engraving Hammer Styles

    I am thinking that you can use whatever is most effective and feels wright in your hand, as the hammer is an extension of your hand. I like a flattened rod, so I am saying that you need to start trying things find what you like and use it.
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    At least you were able to keep it together
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    Gunstock "Russian hunt"

    very very nice great work
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    More Leeks

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    Honest Question

    This sounds so much like me in many ways. I must agree with you that average is just average, a work of art is art no matter what the canvases is. We as a group (engravers) would like to believe are work will span generations to be held in aw and wonder, in the future. Hopefully when someone...
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    Building your own vise?

    You just don't find a vises like that just anywhere.

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