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    Help, please: 100 scrolls designs challenge

    I am just like you I can’t even draw a bent line let alone a strait one but draw, draw, draw you must. I went to a business supply store and bought a drawing templet that had different sized rectangles. And drew the rectangle and then the backbone inside the rectangles, this helped me to keep my...
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    Trigger Guard engraving: How to....

    If I am really worried about damage I will glue some scrap leather to my wood blocks.
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    Engraving Hammer Styles

    that's easy for you to do, I wear 13 H shoes. I'm lucky to be able to walk a crossed a baron desert without tripping over something let alone walking around a pedestal. :D
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    Engraving Hammer Styles

    I am thinking that you can use whatever is most effective and feels wright in your hand, as the hammer is an extension of your hand. I like a flattened rod, so I am saying that you need to start trying things find what you like and use it.
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    At least you were able to keep it together
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    Gunstock "Russian hunt"

    very very nice great work
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    More Leeks

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    Honest Question

    This sounds so much like me in many ways. I must agree with you that average is just average, a work of art is art no matter what the canvases is. We as a group (engravers) would like to believe are work will span generations to be held in aw and wonder, in the future. Hopefully when someone...
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    Building your own vise?

    You just don't find a vises like that just anywhere.
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    Announcement: PLEDGE MEMBERSHIP cancellations

    For everyone’s information I have not drawn a paycheck for almost four months now. And times are tough at my house. I tried to contact you Sam but for some reason I was not allowed to send you a PM. to work this out but now it is a public affair. Greg
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    Today's fixturing tip

    It looks like a dull endmill cut. A very small endmill but a endmill all the same.
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    Concerning the business of engraving.

    Holy cow volumes of incredible advice so far. The best knifes that I have found to engrave are Case, Buck, and American made Kershaw leeks. Why Case? Because they simply sell, as do the others that I have pointed out. Set up at gun and knife shows, but don’t sell your work until the end of the...
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    screw cancer

    My spouses mother just passed last month; she had lived with us for the last 15 months, so we were able to take care of her in a loving comfortable setting. My father is now fighting liver cancer that is inoperable. I agree with F*** Cancer. I will never know how someone else feels but I sure...
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    1000 year old graver

    It is neat to be me sometimes, I am able to admit that I can be wrong or that I am wrong

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