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    Some things never change...

    My scrolls look much better after I've had 2 double bourbons.
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    black paint?

    I have some printer's ink that seems to work well for me. It is developing a surface "rind" that's rubbery and not usable. With what do you thin that stuff?
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    Print Engraving Demonstration

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    trout flask

    This view of a trout is very popular in many different art forms, and I have looked critically at many and tried to draw my own multiple times. It ain't easy! There are even some published drawings by fabulous talents and books by authoritative trout fishermen (it won't do to name no names)...
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    Question: stereo microscope confusion

    As a biology prof., I have ~ 35 stereozooms of various makes at work. The B&L's are certainly good bang-for-the-buck so long as you avoid the 7X model. That one is usable, but a little fuzzy. New Chinese and Russian scopes are a mixed bag optically. I would not buy one without trying it...
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    Engraved Ballard

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    Patch Box Bullino Deer

    Wonderful ... and those leaves!
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    Mantis Elite 'scope Experience?

    A compound microscope may have two eyepieces (binocular), but it has a single objective lens; both eyes receive an identical image. A stereo (dissecting) microscope always has two eyepieces that produce two slightly different images. That may be achieved either by two separate objective lenses...
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    Announcement: My engraving design tutorials

    The content is very helpful, and I particularly like the pace of your delivery. Thank you!
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    Field of view

    You will have a great time with JJ! I was there last summer; please tell him Grayson says Hi! Tips: 1) pack a lunch, 2) if you like Indian food for dinner, there's a good buffet just on the main drag, 3) Manassas rush hours are brutal.
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    Off topic pictures

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    Help, please: Sam's boarder diagram & instruction?

    Thanks all! The techies at work replaced the power supply in my desk-top computer, and I found the file with the boarder! It's labeled," 2-3mm Repeating scroll boarder; fast cutting for production work; cut with 90, 105, 120 degree etc. copyright S. Alfano" Its execution is shown in 5 stages...
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    Help, please: Sam's boarder diagram & instruction?

    Thank you! I like it, but that's not it. The one I'm missing had simple scrolls, end to end.
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    Help, please: Sam's boarder diagram & instruction?

    As I recall, Sam posted a diagram and instructions for a layout and cutting a boarder like this one, but simpler. I know I copied a diagram like that, but I have lost it. I can't find it in my computer or on this forum. Can someone point me to it? Thanks!
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    Happy Thanksgiving


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