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    GRS Acrobat Microscope Stand ---or--- Ebay Chinese knockoff????????

    I teach microscopy at a small university and have used steromicroscopes professionally since 1971. My favorite scopes were made in Switzerland (Wild), Germany (aus Jena), Japan (Nikon and Olympus) and America (B&L), in that order of preference. A colleague purchased an Oman (Chinese) with a...
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    JJ Roberts instruction

    Here in the NW corner of IN, we have bass, brim, steelhead (out of Lake MI), king salmon and cohos. The slow reply comes because I was fishing in TN and MI. I took a sketch book and drew as you suggested.
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    Firearm Metal Prep

    I've had Ray Cover schooling and ten plates and five cheap knives of practice. I'd rate my cutting skills as fair+ for production work and my drawing skills as execrable. Even so, I'm plotting my first gun engraving. I'll do my nearly-new (no pits) Heritage Arms .22 SAA (~$160) with a Mike...

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