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    Announcement: My engraving design tutorials

    The content is very helpful, and I particularly like the pace of your delivery. Thank you!
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    Field of view

    You will have a great time with JJ! I was there last summer; please tell him Grayson says Hi! Tips: 1) pack a lunch, 2) if you like Indian food for dinner, there's a good buffet just on the main drag, 3) Manassas rush hours are brutal.
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    Off topic pictures

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    Help, please: Sam's boarder diagram & instruction?

    Thanks all! The techies at work replaced the power supply in my desk-top computer, and I found the file with the boarder! It's labeled," 2-3mm Repeating scroll boarder; fast cutting for production work; cut with 90, 105, 120 degree etc. copyright S. Alfano" Its execution is shown in 5 stages...
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    Help, please: Sam's boarder diagram & instruction?

    Thank you! I like it, but that's not it. The one I'm missing had simple scrolls, end to end.
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    Help, please: Sam's boarder diagram & instruction?

    As I recall, Sam posted a diagram and instructions for a layout and cutting a boarder like this one, but simpler. I know I copied a diagram like that, but I have lost it. I can't find it in my computer or on this forum. Can someone point me to it? Thanks!
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    Happy Thanksgiving

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    How old are you?

    71 1) The only thing worse than growing old is dying young. 2) Life IS hard ... if you think it's hard.
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    Chinese Engraver Problems

    I wish I could help you, Bob, but all I can do is warn the wanna-be pneumatic engravers looking for a bargain. Our Engravers Cafe and Ebay occasionally list used GRS equipment. You can download manuals and parts lists from GRS. Those units are not as cheap as Chinese, but replacement parts...
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    GRS Pedal continuous leak

    My 1997 Gravermax has worked well since I bought it used about 5 years ago. The foot pedal just began hissing more loudly when I pressed it. The handpiece seems to have less power in general, and occasionally suffers dramatically less power. The hose is relatively new, and I can find no leak...
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    "new" transfer method

    If you put a drop of water on the remains of the paper, it reduces the drag on the varnish, and reduces the loss of lines adjacent to the cutting. Better still, it makes the lines crystal clear!
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    Mayfly on rod tube cap

    Yes! Here's what I learned: 1) keep the varnish thin rather than thick; 2) worry more about removing all paper fibers and less about rubbing away the ink. The varnish was gummy and that would drag away some paper fibers that extended over adjacent image lines. The major lines were easy to...
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    Mayfly on rod tube cap

    I think I'll make a light box next.
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    "new" transfer method

    Monk, that's a good point about the segments. Thanks! The Xerox (actually Cannon) copier I used has a dry ink cartridge and toner fluid. I specified that to distinguish it from an ink jet printer. Sinterklaas, I cut some of it within 4 hours of rubbing off the paper. It was a little gummy...