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    Question: Wearing Mask when sharpening gravers?

    The mask might be a good idea, besides keeping the equipment a far as possible from your face. I am using the GRS diamond wheels. My first cautionary routine is the placement of the equipment. It must not be on the work bench(!), mine is on a stool beside the bench. Second, I have the sharpener...
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    Henry Big Boy

    To Flintdoubles: The Henry barrels are tightly assembled in the receiver, and also have a tiny screw against the tread to secure them. That must be removed first. The real risk: the brass receiver is a compatibly soft metal, and it might be easily deformed during removal of the barrel, or in the...
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    Henry Big Boy

    I had to ask a gunsmith each time to remove and assemble the barrels in the beginning... it proved to be costly and has taken too long. Later I made an engraving wise that kept the balance (not ball shaped) and I engraved the rest with the barrels on for years. Concerning cutting the brass...
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    Help, please: New to the Art

    If your compressor is from GRS, I guess I am using the same. I received it a few years ago, and had power/strength problems with it. GRS advised me how to set the compressor's output on a higher level, and that solved the problem. Unfortunately I can't recall what I had to do, it was a few years...
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    Engraved S&W Model 66-2

    Habitually I engrave "Engraved by..." on the frame where the grip covers it. Try carefully remove the grips, You might be lucky to see the origin. I am strongly opposed to the "bench marks". Only real star engravers' marks get known. The rest remains an enigma to the posterity.
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    Help, please: Losing air pressure

    John, I was using precaution and applied only kitchen soap. The minor leaking at the hand piece was the consequence of the major leaking (detected by Palmolive) at the other end of the air feeding tube. The tube connecting to the orange valve was compromised. I cut the end of the tube as You...
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    Help, please: Losing air pressure

    Thank You, John. I will do as You advised, and write a post on the results.
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    Help, please: Losing air pressure

    I can hear that my hand piece has a light hissing noise. At the same time the compressor (GRS oil-less) has shorter idling breaks. It turns on even when I stop the engraving for tool sharpening. The air pressure appears to be the strongest when the compressor is running. My hand piece is a 900...
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    Critique Request First Zippo

    You have produced a masterpiece on an object of very limited value. Even a sterling silver Zippo is very modest in value compared to the worth of your job. There's always a next time...
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    Critique Request First Zippo

    A true masterpiece, I hope that the lighter is sterling silver... I wonder if the MORRIS inscription is a trade mark, or just a name. On a ribbon type surface all capital letters could look more convincing, with even margins at top and bottom. Nevertheless, it is still a masterpiece.
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    How old are you?

    I was 73 in July. I started my apprenticeship in 1959 at age 14. Still going "not" so strong, arthritis is slowing me down but when I concentrate on my work the pain fades away. It returns only during the night... I never wanted to retire, now the pain forced me into semi retirement. I...
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    For those really BIG engraving projects

    Interesting. Very interesting. I like the fire engine red paint. The price appears to be reasonable, still I could not use it...
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    2019 FEGA-Colt 1911 auction gun.

    Is is for real? I've never seen such beautiful job, drive for perfection, highest mastery of design and delivery. Thank You for sharing the pictures of this outstanding work of art.
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    engraving pewter

    Indeed pewter is a very soft substance. It is definitely a call to use hand pushed gravers. In old days these pewter items were very heavy, made of thick sheet metal to carry the engravings. By now the material they use could be extremely thin. The only way to hold it would be by hand, on a sand...

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