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    Graver angle chart by Allen Clapp

    Man, this is a great chart, exactly what I was looking for. I am getting that small variations of lift ( relief grind) don't affect these calculations...thanks Allen and Sam!
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    Question: grs graverhone vs. powerhone

    Thanks Sam, I,m a GRS guy, so your review is Gold to me...By the way, your advanced shading video is priceless, true Master demonstrating his Forte! thanks so much for producing it!
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    Question: grs graverhone vs. powerhone

    Thanks sir, its great explanation and thanks!
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    Question: grs graverhone vs. powerhone

    I would love to hear any reviews of the graverhone. I have a older powerhone,and find it very difficult to rough out and do relief grinds on standard size carbide square gravers. I have a grinder with green wheel, and for the hone a "gator" coarse diamond wheel, but it still takes forever to get...
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    Question: treading on sensitive ground...graver formulas

    Thanks, sir, thats a great explanation of whats really going on, it will help me visualize whats really going as the tilt angles change with different face angles. Really appreciate you taking the time to elucidate this!
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    Question: treading on sensitive ground...graver formulas

    Thanks, Sam. good to know thats what people do...I did that, just testing and fine tuning heel tilt, but felt like i was doing something intellectually lazy..good to know its ok
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    Question: treading on sensitive ground...graver formulas

    Ok, I know this seems to be a closely guarded knowledge, but I seem to have forgotten what I once learned...But I know that somewhere out the are tables for dual angle fixture to give angles for parallel heel square gravers, adjusting for different face angle, lift (relief grind), heel...
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    Announcement: My new video ADVANCED SHADING Master Class

    Just started studying video, man it is good! I am not a tech intuitive type, am I missing the practice plate download somehow? i have win10 desktop and and android smartphone
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    antiquing first relief engraved buckle

    thanks, I was wondering about is logical to assume the existence of an appropriate resist!
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    antiquing first relief engraved buckle

    Hi to all, at least we got no excuse not to hit the bench...My first relief engraved buckle, things going ok until I attempted liver of sulfur (midas gel), I basicly crashed and burned...stuff plated the entire suface, had to sand & repolish, losing my crispness... anyway, love some imput. next...
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    graver geometry calculator

    I just know there is a spreadsheet/calculator or software app. to calculate various parallel heel graver dual angle fixture settings, inputting different lift (relief grind), face angles ect. to give heel yaw angles...example inputting 4 degrees lift, 105 degree v point, 55 degree face to find...
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    texas engraving school

    Has anyone been to a class the school? Any travel tips or your experience would be welcome. I have been to many GRS classes, but Wes seems to be offering some very interesting and diverse classes. I am signed up for my first one in June. Thanks in advance for your experience.
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    Sam's book

    Hi Sam and fellow engravers...would sure like to get that scroll book that was mentioned some time ago ( in a seemingly limited edition), am I out of luck or just not looking in right place? ...Thanks all

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