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    Stipple shaddinf

    Stipple shading help. I find that when I oxidize my engraving, I have to figure a way to sand off the excess oxidization resulting in taking away the darkness and smoothness of the stipple shading. Any thoughts? This is brass. And I know the shading is sub par- just learning. I use a Lindsay...
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    Silentair 20A setup help

    The absolute worst manual indeed, haha! Thank you for your help. I put the cap on as it makes most sense not to get debris in the line.
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    Silentair 20A setup help

    Just need some detailed help setting up a new silentaire 20A compressor. Oil is filled to max line. Air intake cap on, but now I’m not sure whether to cover the oil intake per with a rubber backing it came with or what? Can’t find any info in videos or manual as they aren’t the same model.

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