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    great vid for newbs

    That was a pretty good video. I have made some punches but I like what he does with chisels as well. Very informative. Monkey see, Monkey do. Instead of using a long piece of HSS I have made a mild steel handle to hold a regular HSS tool bit or graver bit for H&C with a 6-32 set screw to hold...
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    Lube for engraving aluminum

    I know this is an old post but I use WD40 for turning and milling Aluminum. It might work as well for engraving.
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    Engraving ss

    Where does 304 stainless fall in the hard to engrave classes?
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    Stainless Steel Rings

    Thanks for the replies. I got some 304 stainless rod from Fastenal and it turns and drills good but I'm having the same trouble engraving it I had with the other. It does some better but not enough to tell. It might be that the setup is not rigid enough. I'll try to grip it directly in the vice...
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    Stainless Steel Rings

    I have been practicing on mild steel sheet metal both hot and cold rolled. I cut it up into ovals and polish it up some. I've also used mild stainless steel sheet metal prepared the same way. The stainless sheet works fine so I thought I'd turn up some rings and practice on them. I'll try the...
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    Stainless Steel Rings

    I made a couple of stainless steel rings to practice engraving on and found out they were too hard to engrave well. I even made one out of C1018 mild steel and it was difficult to do. I know I'm just beginning but sheesh. I've searched the internet for some 302 stainless bar stock but it seems...
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    Another Bulino attempt with finer cuts

    I'm just a novice but the Bulino I've seen has such fine cuts or dots that you can't tell it's actually engraving. It actually looks like a picture of a subject. I'd have to go with the one on the right and encourage you to go finer still.
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    Autodesk Sketchbook

    Thanks a million I'll check into that.
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    Autodesk Sketchbook

    I installed Autodesk sketchbook on my computer and can't draw anything with my mouse. I can't control it. My question is, is there anything that will allow me to use something like a pencil? I should say that I'm using Windows 10 on my computer. I don't have an I-pad but it looks like I ought...