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    Engraving Transfer Technique

    It still seems like the quality of the transfer would also be a function of the printer ink and hence printer brand. I didn't see any mention of these two important variables. Or did I miss something?
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    Critique Request NAA mini mag

    I like it. Great design. Lots of straight lines which are not my favorite thing to engrave. Is it stainless?
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    Printable practice designs

    There are so many programs to choose from. As Monk said do a Google search. There are even plenty of free ones. If you don't have the Adobe suite or Corel, just use Microsoft Word. It will do all resizing and importing you will need for practicing.
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    Biblical Cameo

    Amazing. What is it carved from? A shell? Jim
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    Second knife

    I think you nailed it! Awesome design. Well done!
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    Warming a Graver Vise

    I've been using the stair covering tape for about 4 years now. I got the idea from Brian Marshall. I wonder what he's doing now.
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    Palace script pro available for illustrator?

    My version of AI (CS5 circa 2010?) has Palace Script MT but not anything called Palace Script Pro. Jim Disbrow
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    Silver Bookmark

    Very nice. What gauge do you use for bookmarks?
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    Micromotor vs flex shaft

    I use an NSK Emax EVOlution. Kind of expensive, but does a great job. I've only been engraving for about 6 or 7 years and I'm not a jeweler and I've never worked ewithnamel but I cannot imagine needing a flex-shaft.
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    Critique Request Scroll design for watch dial

    I think it's a great design. Shading looks good too. Did you use software to help draw the design? If so, what was it? Looking forward to see it as you engrave it.
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    SHOT SHOW 2021just got cancelled...

    I had to miss this years FEGA because I was pretty sick. My wife says she would rather I didn't go this year unless there is a proven vaccine by then and things are back to somewhat normal. Looks doubtful. Jim Disbrow "Always tell the truth. Then you don't have to remember anything." ~...
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    How to improve the attached-- all input welcome thanks

    I sometimes use a valve hand lapping grinding tool. It usually works but must be clean to get good suction.