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    Beginner - Advice on cutting simple wheat stalks?

    I second this whole heartedly, Scalese did a knock out job showing the cuts and the theory behind them. Brightcut looked impossibly complicated but she breaks it down beautifully.
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    Christmas Morning:

    Best get out the butter and lube him up!
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    Christmas Morning:

    My best to you and yours, in this trying time.
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    Christmas Morning:

    Merry Christmas, pull your loved ones tight, because you never know the last Christmas till its gone.
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    Engraving Hammer Styles

    In the book engraving historic firearms, the author mentions having a student who was having issues with the hammer. He ended up using either a bit of steel round stock, or flat plate, one or the other as a makeshift hammer I misremember. Having never done HNC I can offer no other advice.
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    Firearms Engraving in 19th century America by R.L. Wilson

    Thank you for the evenings reading material!
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    Need info

    My thanks Sir!
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    Need info

    Do you happen to have the title of Mr Smith's book handy. Sir?
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    New to the Cafe

    Either the Lindsey or the GRS tools will serve you in good stead. I purchased my tooling first before I knew what I was doing and have had time to regret that decision. Grs training center has been on my have to do list for ages, I purchased Diane Scalese western bright cut video and I've...
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    If you dont already, you should absolutely start a YouTube channel, I for one and I'm sure many many others would love to watch over your shoulder so to speak.
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    Meek squirrel watch.

    That's just nuts.... My apologies I couldn't resist.... All bad puns aside, I love this. Very classy looking. The gold band with the brushed steel is striking.
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    P&V Eagle Design

    Truly enjoyed watching this come together. To often it's easy to see a completed piece and fail to grasp the careful work and planning that went into its creation.
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    strike !!!!!!

    Light is really the foundation of photography. A properly lit photo with simple equipment can look better than a picture taken with a top shelf dslr and improper setting and poor lighting. Etsy has a how to section with decent advice, I include it below...

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