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    Question: What kind of creations do you make?

    Reviving an old thread idea and seeing what you all have to say.
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    Introduction & Gravermeister question

    Why does that hit so close to home lol. Dont take the red pill otherwise youll walk around towns showing your significant other scrolls and getting the eye roll for the thousandth time.
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    Question: I have an idea

    Would anyone on the forum be interested in a skype type tutorship with a set rate per hour? Im looking for some guidance from a master engraver and cannot travel due to the old 9 to 5. If anyone has interest or other ideas please let me know.
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    Why do I suspect a Cafe member did this?

    Mitch you are the first person that comes to mind who would do this.
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    Equipment Recommendations Needed

    This is just my humble opinion and there will be lots to go on from others and the archives. Books: ron smiths advanced scrollwork Scope: leica a60 due to the fusion optics lenses Since you want to engrave firearms, atleast a turntable with stand. The systems are a matter of preference so that...
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    Garage News: painting progress report

    Very Inviting thank you for posting!
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    Critique Request keytag design to silver pendant

    Made some adjustments and am engraving in sterling silver to mark for sale. Sterling is definitely gummier than what I'd like, but practice makes perfect. Working past procrastination of perfection to have finally completed a piece for sale. Trying to getter better each time by slowing down...
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    Sources for engraveable pendants, bracelets etc

    Stuller Is the first that comes to mind and rio grande as an obvious.
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    Critique Request Beginner level scroll design attempt

    If you are looking for tricks, step one is to get the dog legs and flats out of the backbone of the spiral. Fun trick to get out of tunnel vision is to use a single layer for the backbone and flip the drawing to check for accuracy. Using separate layers can really make the errors stand out...
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    free beer tomorrow

    Im gonna stick to the rule, if you cant add value to the gun, then dont do it, so ill probably go with the kimber stainless target. I was mainly concerned with the hardness difference between the two, but Ill take the plunge and go for the one i want. Thanks dcurrie, I like what you did with...
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    free beer tomorrow

    Hope that got your attention. Just curious what you guys might have as an opinion, working my way up to engraving guns and getting pretty close. My desire is to do a 1911 kimber because it fits the style that I like better for the scrolls, very flowy/elegant, but i know a derringer would be...
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    Help, please: Grs 901 compressors

    Its got a handle if you had to hang it from the ceiling lol. Best of luck, and welcome
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    Help, please: Grs 901 compressors

    The sil air through grs is exactly what you are looking for. The california air they offer is far too loud for what you need. I have tried both and now use the sil air with my gravermach AT in an apartment setting. No noise problems.