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    How to get thermolock off a part?

    Heat gun. Harbor freight for 10 bucks
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    Since the Jewelry Profession is related to Hand Engraving

    Well said, Same with the diamond industry too. My idea for a jewelry store includes more of a tattoo parlor feel where you can customize your product more, rather than have a large amount of stock on hand. Green lakes jewelry works in seattle (i believe) has more of what i see as the new...
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    Critique Request Balanced pendant for beginner

    Ill see if i can curl the c scroll a little more to make it circular, i appreciate the feedback
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    Critique Request Balanced pendant for beginner

    From a perfectionist who never gets anything done, i am trying to give up that overly critical aspect. This is a good step for me as its something i can cut and improve on. Give me your critique if you would. I will clean up my edges, angles, and add shading, but overall wadya think?
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    Garage News: The Eternal Project

    I really like it. What made you choose the hummingbird? I always enjoy seeing different animals than the big game animals.
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    Honest Question

    Oddly enough ive started to read a book during this post and it fit the bill quite nicely. (Funny how that works). 'The war of art, break through the blocks and win your inner creative battles' -steven pressfield Ill let you conclude what to make of it.
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    Honest Question

    Thank you sir, and ill give the video a full viewing for sure. I do like how you hit on the generational changes and part of that goes without saying that the times they are a changing. Its hard to see what styles will be prolific, but it is a safe assumption that it will not be classic. My...
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    Honest Question

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    Honest Question

    Thank you for the insight
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    Honest Question

    Wholeheartedly agree memory maker, and im finding more joy in the hobby rather than business aspect, but thats just a personal choice at the moment and could change in the future. Im hard pressed to find the long lasting keepsake value that firearms did have, but that will be where the creative...
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    Honest Question

    Theres about three people in the world: pessimists, optimists, and realists. With the changes in the hardness of steel being presented and the cultural changes, im having a hard time seeing the risk versus the reward benefits. Ill gladly engrave guns for myself and friends, but peoples...
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    Honest Question

    Thank you mitch, I needed to hear that.
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    Honest Question

    With the cultural changes in the united states, has it made it harder to find clients interested in high end engraved firearms?, and is the future for engraving mostly going to be in other creative palates like jewelry, motorcycles,etc. I will be very upset if anybody brings politics into...
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    Here's source for Alphabets & Monograms

    Good reference, thank ya!
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    Critique Request First piece of silver jewelry

    Thank ya. I decided to turn off my gravermiester for the shading and slow down, it worked much better.

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