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    Stonewall Jackson Rifle

    Thanks, I'll be at the Ohio Gun Collectors show this weekend at the FEGA table with Mike Fennel and Brian Powley. The Stonewall rifle will be on display - stop by an visit!
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    Stonewall Jackson Rifle

    I have shown a few incidental photos of this rifle in other threads including the one about "Hand Push". I just got it all put back together yesterday and these are my first shop photos of the completed rifle. The base rifle is a "Henry Original," a faithful reproduction of the 1860 Henry...
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    Help, please: hand push engraving

    RB: I spend lots of time engraving but little time on the it all seems new to me. "Hand Push" caught my eye, and because I was into the Stonewall portrait at the time, it seemed like a good time to respond.
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    Help, please: hand push engraving

    Thanks Paps - or perhaps praying. In my study of Stonewall, his troops said he prayed before, during an after a battle.
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    Help, please: hand push engraving

    No Marty - this was not a Vintage Henry, but it isn’t a Uberti either. This gun is one of the new “Original Henry’s” from Henry Company
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    Help, please: hand push engraving

    It's difficult to develop the skills needed for hand push engraving, and that development can go on for years before one gains a "feel" for the tools. It's a seemingly simple process - pushing a graver through metal - but there is a huge amount of practice that goes on through an engraver's...
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    Question: Gold Background

    Inlaying gold into backgrounds is about the same as any other inlay technique. This is a non-technical description, but I simply remove metal from the background, create a matrix of crosscuts in the voided area, and drive gold into the matrix. I use bold beads that I make up myself to complete...
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    Safe travel

    I don't have a trusty steed like Marty - I'll arrive Thursday via Delta.........I hope.
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    how to sharpen a liner?

    Every engraver eventually comes up with their own particular way of sharpening Liners. Some of that depends on how one uses the Liner. Here are three photos that I use in my classes along with our discussions and hands-on use of the power hone and Dual Angle Fixture. The first photo is a...
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    2019 Safari Auction Rifle Sets New Record

    I posted photos of the 2019 Safari Rifle here in late October 2018 when John Bolliger and I had finished the work. The rifle has been featured in the SCI Magazine and in other advertising leading up to the Saturday (January 12, 2019) evening Auction. Meanwhile, like with all other major...
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    Question before buying a grs airsystem

    I agree with Sam - all engravers, using power assist or push, need to be creative when making gravers and punches. Power Hones make it easier, speed the process and increase the accuracy and repeatability, but I still make my own punches for sculpting. Beading tools make up many of the punches...
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    Laser "engraved" Beretta

    When I visited the Giovanetti Bottega with the GRS Group in 2005, we saw rolling racks of Beretta receivers that were very lightly laser etched. The Bottega engravers were then recutting the etched patterns. This is the next step, then, in recreating hand engraving in the modern format...
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    Colt single action

    The answer here is to have the Colt "timed" by a competent Pistol Smith. Timing involves regulating when the pawl falls into the cylinder notch. Ideally, it is supposed to fall into the rounded entry channel just before the notch, but these guns were never timed at the factory - unless on...
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    How old are you?

    Wow: all my friends are kids - Senior 76, but engraving keeps me active and fulfilled.
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    Liner Gravers

    Thanks guys, it’s good to know that the Stubs brand lives, at least in the hands of craftsmen who enjoy using them.

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