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    Laser "engraved" Beretta

    When I visited the Giovanetti Bottega with the GRS Group in 2005, we saw rolling racks of Beretta receivers that were very lightly laser etched. The Bottega engravers were then recutting the etched patterns. This is the next step, then, in recreating hand engraving in the modern format...
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    Colt single action

    The answer here is to have the Colt "timed" by a competent Pistol Smith. Timing involves regulating when the pawl falls into the cylinder notch. Ideally, it is supposed to fall into the rounded entry channel just before the notch, but these guns were never timed at the factory - unless on...
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    How old are you?

    Wow: all my friends are kids - Senior 76, but engraving keeps me active and fulfilled.
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    Liner Gravers

    Thanks guys, it’s good to know that the Stubs brand lives, at least in the hands of craftsmen who enjoy using them.
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    Which direction to engrave a mug?

    I’ve probably engraved a thousand mugs, baby cups, chalices and many other assorted vessels like this. As the others suggested - ask the buyer first. I did read in an old Engravers journal that the person so honored to have their name engraved on their cup, should display that honor to those who...
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    Liner Gravers

    I haven’t been able to Google up any information about Stubs - but this tool looks to be very old.
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    Liner Gravers

    I agree with Mr. Roberts, NgraveR Co. makes great Liner Gravers. I would not agree that the Liner Graver is no longer acceptable in modern engraving, or that they are used for inferior work. Much of my work is done on Colt Firearms following the traditional and accepted style of the Old...
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    Something the Howitzer range?? A German 88 would do the job.
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    Bank note portrait graver.

    I agree - I just bought two new LED Lamps for my workstations - expensive, but wonderful. These Luxors have 270 LED bulbs with a diffuser screen, and the intensity is adjustable from light to BRIGHT!
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    John Bolliger (Riflemaker, Pocatello, ID) and I have partnered on many fine rifles over the years. He called recently to ask if I could do a dinosaur portrait? It seems one of our mutual clients for whom we've created several big game rifles, always theme dedicated to the game taken on his...
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    Bank note portrait graver.

    I still have the gravers we made in Bob Swartley's class at Trinidad State Jr. College, Colorado, during the circa 2000 NRA Summer Program. They are square, no heel...and I still use them.
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    The 2019 Safari International Auction Rile

    John Bolliger and I and started the SCI World Heritage Series in 2014 with the African Continent...a 375 H&H Magnum. The fifth and last of five rifles in the World Heritage Rifle Series – representing the Americas – is a .338 Winchester Magnum. The rifle will be auctioned at the 47th SCI...
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    2019 Grandmasters

    Thanks folks - Sam and I are dedicated to producing the best GRS Grand Masters ever! For those who don't know, I am heavily invested in the Grand Masters Programs, having attended five myself....starting with Winston Churchill and Ron Smith. My skills as an engraver are a direct result of...
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    I agree - a few days at FEGA with fellow engravers is just what you need to start learning....nothing like it anywhere!