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    Garage news: Powley prayer box and scorpions

    Very Nice! Looks like you could just reach out (carefully) and pick them up!
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    Western bright cut, video question.

    Not at all. Glad to provide the info.
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    Western bright cut, video question.

    Jonathan, As said by others, the FEGA DVDs are videos made during seminars presented at our annual show. Diana's GRS DVD is more of a professional presentation. Thus the cost. During the seminars we get as much of the presentation detail as possible but it is not what you would call...
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    Smooooth touch and go. Congrats Sam. Is that an Uber sign is see in the window?
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    Credit to Lynton McKenzie

    Note this rifle is No.69, he passed at age 69.
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    Credit to Lynton McKenzie

    Here ya go JJ
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    Credit to Lynton McKenzie

    I will take a photo of the magazine page tonight after work...
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    Credit to Lynton McKenzie

    My latest Man at Arms for the Gun and Sword Collector magazine had an article about Hauck single shot rifles. It showed "The most beautiful Hauck rifle every made" engraved by Lynton McKenzie. Which, I thought was very cool!
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    Overseas Payment:

    Never give you bank account info! PayPal " send to friend". 4.99 international fee.
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    Spectacular Belt Buckles...

    Here is another one.
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    2019 Safari Auction Rifle Sets New Record

    Outstanding work and congratulations for a huge feather in both of your hats!!!!! not to mention your portfolio of works.
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    2019 FEGA-Colt 1911 auction gun.

    You folks have done a fantastic job. Your contribution to FEGA is outstanding. Looking forward to seeing it at the show.
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    Standing between two giants.

    Your a luck man Scott. Hope we can see Ron in Vegas again 2019.
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    Alfano engraving classes in Australia in August

    Sam looking forward to some great pictures, drawings and stories. Safe travels.

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