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    A few recent projects.

    Very nice work!
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    Question: What Drawing Skills Are Needed for Engraving?

    One can never have 'enough', better said 'too much' drawing skills for hand engraving!
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    Flicker? Woodpecker

    Mdengraver, it seems the Middle spotted woodpecker lives mainly in Europe, from northern Spain to as far as the Caucasus & Iran. Must be at least a far nephew of the one you spotted! Nice birds anyway
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    Flicker? Woodpecker

    Here in Europe it's named 'Middle spotted woodpecker':
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    Rust Busters

    Thank you, Frank! ;-)
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    Rust Busters

    I didn't know our Belgian F.N. factory made firearms for the nazi's!? I must say, don't know much about the weapons industry, more about the F.N. motorcycles and other (such as Gillet) from Herstal.
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    Shortening gravers

    You can make 2 gravers from that length!
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    How to sharpen knife graver

    Hi Marcie! As far as I have experience with a knife graver (I have one but don't use it very often). Just for removing background, especially for cleaning out the really narrow corners. My knife graver's face is sharpened with a 'traditional' 45° angle, with just a tiny bit of 'heel' near the tip.
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    What to charge??

    jmcquesten, for a handcrafted piece which took you 32-35 work hours, you should count at least $500 - $600. Once in a while, I'm engraving aluminium motorcycle parts and (I'm sure) for a 35 hours job it's still too cheap! Just saying, I realise nobody would order some m/c engraving if I'd count...
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    Engraving motorcycle parts

    Here's a black-chromed stainless steel (French Douk-Douk) knife handle:
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    Engraving motorcycle parts

    Hi JSaville, I've done a few chrome plated items, it's not impossible but rather 'tricky' to engrave. The aluminium below the chrome layer is softer than chrome, that makes it difficult to cut clean lines. It depends on the quality of the chrome too! Once I've engraved a H-D derby cover with a...
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    10 things every Rolex owner should know

    Borzzza, those 3 different Rolex watch backs were sent seperate to my address (by the watchmaker who does the maintenance). I never saw the complete watches but I doubt the gentleman-aristocrat owner would buy fakes :-)
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    10 things every Rolex owner should know

    Thank you, Sam. I suppose more scratch resistant would make it harder/less workable for engraving?
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    10 things every Rolex owner should know

    So far, I've engraved 3 different Rolex watch backs, I really don't know how old these three were, but don't like the feel of Rolex steel. The 3 felt the same to cut, really gummy and under the microscope it look like plowing steel. If the steel is so called superior to any other steel, why are...
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    Motorcycle engraving on HD derby cover

    :tiphat:Hi folks, here's another engraved H-D derby cover. I had some problems with creating enough contrast on the aluminium & the background blackening is not as dark as I wished. On the last pic I added some extra contrast. Maybe I can add a little (oilpaint) black in it, however.... this job...