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    Engraver Meetup in Colorado

    Ok things are rolling. We will have a two day engraving event mixed in with tours of the Mollie Kathleen Gold Mine. Myself and Tira Mitchell will give seminars . I believe Tira will do something on stone setting and I will cover scroll design in unusual shapes. Others may give additional...
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    Engraver Meetup in Colorado

    We will have gathering August 18-19 in Cripple Creek, Colorado about 10 miles from Pikes Peak in the mountains above Colorado Springs. We will tour the Mollie Kathleen Gold mine which involves an elevator ride 1000 ft underground and then a train ride on their excellent tour of gold mining...
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    Ron Smith in Monteagle May 2

    We will be having a mini Engrave In with Ron and Liz Smith on May 2. please RSVP with me if you are coming
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    John Rohner books.

    Thanks to Mitch I was happy to add these to my Engravers Library. I love the progression of signatures. I wonder who will be next in line?
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    New Graver Sharpener Ha! Ha!

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    Critique Request First scroll

    sure. cut it, draw, cut, draw, cut, draw, cut. each one will teach you how to do the other one better
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    Engrave In September 25-27

    Monteagle, TN bring whatever you want engraving related. Don't bring the Wuhanic Bubonic
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    Engrave In September 25-27

    We will be having a small gathering in a couple of weeks for the 15th annual Engrave In. Seminars and Show and Tell on Saturday and Sunday. Friday will be a barn raising event as we add a little bit more roof to the picnic shelter. Tira Mitchell plans to be drive down and will bring a small...
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    Question: Beginner Question on Resharpening Flat Graver

    Taking the face down will shorten the length of the heel. Whether or not that is too short to be used depends on your technique
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    A few questions from a beginner

    The Schippers book is far and above the best possibly engraving how to book on the market.
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    Picasso the Engraver Book

    Not sure why the picture didn’t post in the first reply.
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    Picasso the Engraver Book

    As part of my complete engraving library
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    Picasso the Engraver Book

    I ordered one to match this one

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