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    Auction of Weldon Lister's new book

    Weldon has graciously donated a copy of his new book that he will personalize to the winning bidder. there is a review of the book here bid high, bid often at this location
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    Engrave In 2019 notes

    Please read all if you are coming. Once again we have some of the most famous names in the engraving world attending plus wehave engravers coming from Sweden, Japan and Australia. Oficially we will have seminars Sunday the 9th and Monday the 10th. Beginner oriented on Sunday. More advanced...
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    the Godfather of the American Engraving Renaissance turned 96 yesterday

    the R in GRS is still kicking , give him shout if you know him. PM me if you need a number
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    interviews from FEGA

    newest video interviewing Frank Brownell Yves Halliburton and Wade Wilson
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    Work holding with Cerro Safe type alloys.

    I thought the only real value of Cerro SAfe was to pour inside thin body frames so you don't have any unwanted depressions occurring... either on the gun or in your mind after you discover it on the gun.... I did one time on a Browning BAR ..... not fun to fix
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    Garage News: FEGA Show Thoughts

    I was looking at my signed Lee Griffiths Special Edition chocolate milk carton yesterday in my engraving museum. A student was asking why I had that in my glass case. I told him if he could get the same results from drinking milk that Lee did, he could become the Grand Master
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    FAKE Nimschke

    auction 250a Does anybody know who this "Engraving Expert" is?
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    2019 Safari Auction Rifle Sets New Record

    Stellar wishes to Mike and John
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    Any script engravers on this forum?

    I guess I would be very curious about how the penning process of this font goes per se. I'm not sure you are going to find any similarities. The Engravers Script was created to be engraved simply and quickly by a right handed graver. The combined motion of the right hand, wrist and...
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    This happen to anybody else?

    Engraving an urn with the ashes inside can lead to dusty footprints in the shop. Don't ask me how I know this.
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    US serial numbers, markings ...

    PM me if you want
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    US serial numbers, markings ...

    Roger is essentially correct in his above post. Frank P, what is your reasoning for asking? maybe we can better answer what you want to know. I've had an importers license for about 20 years now. And do import from Switzerland.
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    $2.6 million Patek Phillippe

    It's an excellent video of the process, and a joy to watch (no pun intended). However, it is a real pity that the engraving is so simple a travesty in fact for the price. . The watch just completed by Rick Simmons is much more to my liking and has all the classical elegance befitting a...

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