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    Question: Beginner Question on Resharpening Flat Graver

    Taking the face down will shorten the length of the heel. Whether or not that is too short to be used depends on your technique
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    A few questions from a beginner

    The Schippers book is far and above the best possibly engraving how to book on the market.
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    Picasso the Engraver Book

    Not sure why the picture didn’t post in the first reply.
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    Picasso the Engraver Book

    As part of my complete engraving library
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    Picasso the Engraver Book

    I ordered one to match this one
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    A Practical Course in Jewelry Engraving Book Ebay

    This about the best possible book to have for lettering and monograms
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    FEGA 2020 are you going?

    I’ll be arriving Wednesday afternoon
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    Auction of Weldon Lister's new book

    Weldon has graciously donated a copy of his new book that he will personalize to the winning bidder. there is a review of the book here bid high, bid often at this location
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    Engrave In 2019 notes

    Please read all if you are coming. Once again we have some of the most famous names in the engraving world attending plus wehave engravers coming from Sweden, Japan and Australia. Oficially we will have seminars Sunday the 9th and Monday the 10th. Beginner oriented on Sunday. More advanced...
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    the Godfather of the American Engraving Renaissance turned 96 yesterday

    the R in GRS is still kicking , give him shout if you know him. PM me if you need a number
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    interviews from FEGA

    newest video interviewing Frank Brownell Yves Halliburton and Wade Wilson
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    Work holding with Cerro Safe type alloys.

    I thought the only real value of Cerro SAfe was to pour inside thin body frames so you don't have any unwanted depressions occurring... either on the gun or in your mind after you discover it on the gun.... I did one time on a Browning BAR ..... not fun to fix
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    Garage News: FEGA Show Thoughts

    I was looking at my signed Lee Griffiths Special Edition chocolate milk carton yesterday in my engraving museum. A student was asking why I had that in my glass case. I told him if he could get the same results from drinking milk that Lee did, he could become the Grand Master

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