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    Atlanta, Georgia

    Scott helped me out many many years ago. He is an excellent instructor Eric
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    a weird one for ya

    Sam how many rabbits do you have in that hat ! Another beautiful outstanding job and a great reply and answer to a question . Eric
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    Help Thermo plastic or wax

    For hot glue you can also put it in the freezer for a bit pops right out. Yes put a divet or channel to insert a wooden or plastic pry point.
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    Anyone else adapting to tremors, or have tips for doing so?

    The one I like best is from Steve Lindsay. Very smooth and easy to move a vise on. I have an old GRS it works but not as smooth . Others have used a Potters turntable and say they are good which makes sense, as it it built to hold wet clay. Eric
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    Anyone else adapting to tremors, or have tips for doing so?

    I have a positioning vise and find a turn table easier to use
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    Found some work I did on the web

    Beautiful work the guitar is awesome as well ! Great piece of history on what you have done through your lifetime. Thanks for sharing it !
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    Excellent shot ! You don't get a chance like that often .
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    Critique Request Knife guard scroll design

    I like the design! The shading is going to be critical, but from what you have done I would think you got this .
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    new piece

    That is really nice . The background idea would really help bring that turtle to life NICE !
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    Question: I want to cut deeper

    I find on Aluminum, cutting the design first is the best. As stated by the best too many chances of a mistake. Bike parts have many raised areas and corners, a mistake can be disaster to fix. Cut then clean out to add depth to your background area. The metal is thick enough to go deeper and...
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    Back when I did some of that I had the plating shop buff the stuff first. Supposedly none to be done after. Worked good, only one small issue I seen and the owner didn't. That item was one of a few left in the copper state while the others were chromed out. Eric
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    Question: ata pneumo pencil grinder

    Monk I would think if you drop a email to any top turbine tool maker they could steer you in the right direction. There are some on here that do use air grinders as well. Good Luck. Eric
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    Need help

    I got a Desk Jet 3052a works good. I looked all over for one that used #62 ink no luck. Check Tom White's compatible printer recommendations
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    Progress photo

    Sam your work is always Top Notch ! Thanks for posting Eric
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    Griffin and Howe model 70

    Fantastic !

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