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    Random pictures

    A drive dig from '06 of Stan Fujisaka's work with Judy Beaver doing the titanium.
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    Honest Question

    Deleted, double post
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    Honest Question

    I was having a discussion with the banker/representative at our local bank while doing some account maintenance. He knows that I'm a photographer and his background is in music. His family spans multiple generations as classical guitar players and that was his intended field. They did band...
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    hand engraving on a knife

    Beautiful knife and engraving! What steel did the maker use? By the reflection looks to be mirror polished yet I see some cross marks so possible texture on the flats in the 3'rd picture?
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    Honest Question

    There was a similar scenario in the custom knife arena when it came to machine cut embellishment on the frames of folders. To get quality engraving some artists won't apply their talents to run of the mill pieces. The possible $ outlay can be deterring in that regard. I came across this CNC gun...
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    Random pictures

    A Stan Fujisaka folder with Judy Beaver engraving the titanium.
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    Help me identify engraver

    Looks like Bruce Shaw. Stan Fujisaka had Bruce's work on many of his pieces.
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    Children in the workshop: Make yourself a knife

    Fantastic! Thanks for sharing and expanding the knife craft onward.:thumbsup: Looking forward to the AK build. ;)
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    good deal ?

    That's a good deal there, congrats! The foot pedal is not included but can be an optioned in a set.
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    Some things never change...

    LOL. These days they'd be wary of sharp tools in the hands of an such a person.
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    black paint?

    That had been my suspicion that this is a readily available enamel type paint packaged and priced as a speciality paint for this segment. I've not tested this against the Testors enamel model paint which is near equal in price for the relative quantity. Wife has some of this paint too. I...
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    Wasn't sure where to introduce myself (new member)...lots of progress pics

    Anodizing will wear at the edges or places of constant contact. It is a very thin layer although I am not aware of how thick the anodized layer is. Anodizing is pretty easy to remove with a 600-1000 grit abrasive for a redo when I've messed up. I've flame colored timascus and surprisingly that...
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    black paint?

    How is this stuff? Black Antique. Found a bottle of this among her accumulation.
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    GRS Acrobat Microscope Stand ---or--- Ebay Chinese knockoff????????

    That's a challenge when trying to get as much bang:$ when getting set-up. When I was setting up shop for making knives my peers had a progression of gear working the way up to the Burr King, Wilton or Bader grinders. All pretty big $ that a couple hundred at that level wasn't significant. OTOH...
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    Wasn't sure where to introduce myself (new member)...lots of progress pics

    Very nice! Have seen past works from the old school anodizing by Patricia Walker, Judy Beaver, etc. I don't see these often with the current tactical styles. Some past shots I'd done long ago from Gary Blanchard:

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