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    Work Flow

    Sam and John, Being able to plan/think ahead for eliminating possible problems is the reason for work flow sequences. Thanks for your experiences so that I may learn without having to experience the "hard knocks" learning curve.
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    Work Flow

    What is the work sequence from beginning to finished project? Assuming that the project is properly polished and the design phase has been completed. The design transferred to the work piece. The project contains various operations: metal inlay, scroll, relief, shading/detailing, bulino...
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    Issue 130 of The Engraver

    I fully agree with John B. Beautiful pictures and wonderful articles. Thanks Andrew
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    The Secret Meeting of Bulgarian Engravers 2021

    Thank you for sharing. There is nothing we can do that is more important than to help to pave the road for our young people. I wish you the very best with this endeavor.
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    Cleaning old Engraving

    I agree with you about the electric tooth brush. Chujy's idea is a winner. My mind went crazy dreaming up attachements I could make for various operations in my gunwork.
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    Cleaning old Engraving

    Chujy, The electric tooth brush is a super suggestion, Thanks
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    Cleaning old Engraving

    I have on the bench a Browning Superposed Diana grade (French Greyed Receiver, forend iron) 1974 vintage. The engraving is sharp but the background is dark with crud and has some light air rust discoloration. No noticeable pitting. I would like to clean and restore the original engraving and...
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    Question: Sandblasting or beadblasting

    My 2 cents - All of the above is right on and should be taken to heart! If by "cold" blue you mean the traditional rust bluing. SS will not rust! Therefore it can not be blued by this mean and/or this mean can not be used for the "French Greying" process. If cold blue means the coloring of...
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    Gunstock Browning

    Outstanding work.
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    A most excellent reply that applies to us all as we solve all engraving challenges. Many thanks Sam.
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    FFL question

    If I have understood your concerns you were in a state of transition from an old address to a new address. An FFL is for a particular physicals place and is not valid for doing firearms business at any other location. Even if your license was not up for renewal you would have had to get a new...
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    Stipple Point

    Yes, you must in some manner off-set the rods. I fined that by chucking it in a QC holder of the size of rod and tightening the screw off-set it a little and in some cases enough but using a holder of the next size(1/16 rod in a 3/32 qc) also works. I have also used a very thin shim on one jaw...
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    Stipple Point

    The 45-60deg point is eccentric, putting the point on one side of the rod. Sorry for the fog!
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    Stipple Point

    I am sure many have thought and do this but have not seen it posted. I use either HSS(cobalt) or Carbide rounds of 1/16, 3/32 and 1/8 " for stipple points. I chuck them in a battery run drill grind a relief angle of "approx"(eyeball!) 5-10 degrees then a point of "approx" 45-60 degrees. I set...
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    ? Drop shadows

    Mitch you are well respected for the style of shadowing and levation/3D effect. Thanks

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