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    Question: Window pane buckle measurements??

    Yes, The width is 1.5"....I know that measurement. I'm wondering that based on that measurement, if there is a standard ratio/formula to ballpark the length of the window needed to make sure the belt feeds through easily.
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    Question: Window pane buckle measurements??

    Hello all, Is there a formula to use when cutting the opening in a "window pane" style buckle to determine the length the opening should be based on the width of the belt???I'm making a buckle for a 1.5" belt and was wondering how long I should saw out the opening in order for the belt to be...
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    Announcement: Pledge Membership

    Renewal fee no accepted?? Hello Sam, I received an email from Paypal that said you didn't accept my payment?? Thanks, Ross Miller
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    Question: Die maker for belt buckles

    Hello all, Does anyone have a source(s) for a vendor that makes western buckle dies?? Thanks, Ross
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    .125 nickel wire source??

    Hello All, Does anyone have a source for 8ga. or .125 nickel wire?? Thanks, Ross
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    Elk Ivory pendants

    Hello All, I have a customer that wants me to make 2 small pendants with an Elk Ivory in each. She gave me the teeth, How do you cut/saw/grind off the root to leave the top of the Ivory???? Thanks!!! Ross
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    Question: where to buy silver overlay sheet??

    Hello, Can anyone recommend a source(s) for where to purchase 14ga. 20% silver overlay sheet?? Beside IJS, I don't need 4.5" x 18" of it.... Thanks, Ross
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    Question: Hi-force solder (Brownell's)

    Hello All, Does anyone have much experience with the Hi-Force solder, and/or the Hi-Temp Hi force solder from Brownell's ?? I'm wondering if I can use it to solder bronze sheet 16-18 gauge, to 16-18 gauge Sterling?? i.e. bronze accents to silver buckles etc.??? Thank You, Ross
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    Question: Palm Concho order??

    Hello all you pros, I have a good customer that wants me to make his wife a palm concho......problem: I've never made one!! does anyone have any info that may help me get started?? I have a friend who is a great engraver give me some help, i.e. 1.5" long x 1" wide, each oval drawn down about...
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    Question: Trophy buckle style Silver thickness??

    Hello All, What gauge of Sterling is common to use for an oval shaped 3 1/2" x 2 3/4" buckle?? thanks, Ross
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    Question: Concho die source??

    Can anyone recommend a source that mfr.s concho dies?? Also, do the plexiglass dies with smooth plate below work well for flat top conchoes??? Thanks in advance!!
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    Question: Bronze letters and numbers

    Hello all, Does anyone have a good source for bronze letters and numbers for belt buckles, rings, bracelets etc. ?? IJS doesn't seem to carry them anymore......

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