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    How do I remove some scratches (OOPS) from polished pewter Julep Cups?

    I would'nt buy a new one but the fact it's pewter and therefore porous might give you a few more problems, you have a few options, if you want a clean engraving though, you'll have to redo the work. If i Had a similar accident I would not waste time trying to save the engraving. burnishing...
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    Getting started drawing on procreate in 2021?

    With all due respect, you aren't trying to break into the hobby, it is not prohibitive, the fact that you think learning procreate is the solution to "learn" is appalling. the fact that you are diminishing and outright dismissin all of what's on the forum because the quality is not enough for...
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    Beginner's tool list

    note the first, ubiquitous, and probably most important tool of all: SKETCHPAD AND PENCILS it is always a good thing to remind people that drawing and design are the really, really hard skills to master.
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    Coarse grit sharpening?

    i stop at 2000 for basically everything, break any burrs by stabbing a piece of hardwood a few times and then i strop face and heel on a piece of leather with a bit of metal polishing paste on it, usually that's more than enough even for bright cutting. my hunch is that the stress point is not...
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    Help, please: 100 scrolls designs challenge

    Hey guys! I am in need of help, drawing is NOT my strongest feat and I’ve wanted to get better at designing and drawing scrolls for a long time, I have dabbled in it a bit, but never seriously, and it takes me a huge amount of time to get to a decent result (or at least what I think is decent...
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    Help, please: Need help with deep relief cutting

    Quick sketch of how I’d tackle it if I had to reproduce your pic, note that you can “build up” your deep cuts using multiple passes. hope it helps S.
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    Help, please: Need help with deep relief cutting

    If a power-graver of any kind can't do jewelry work.. It's probably broken.. I can see really deep cuts in steel giving problems but, even with a Lindsay you can crank 60psi of pressure in it if needed... And for this kind of job 30 are just fine, it is not done in one single cut, first you...
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    Floral gothic lettering? Art nouveau? Really I don’t know what i’m doing here...

    Here is something i’ve made, critiques welcome, especially about the shading of the leaves!