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    Design suggestions?

    I don't know about the dark stuff but, Black Leaf always makes me think of Dr. Seuss.
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    A little design help please.

    I thought this time I would try to do a design layout on paper like I should instead of impatiently jumping in with my graver and cutting then thinking about the plan after I started. This my Llama .380 . It'll be my first pistol engraving. I thought I would have some poison ivy with silver...
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    files to use ?

    Thanks to all for the information. I did go to the local hardware and picked up a couple of new, fine cut files to get started. I'll be shopping for some of better quality as suggested. I watched a couple videos on draw filing. I've used files all my adult life but never sideways ! One thing I...
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    files to use ?

    I'm working on an old Llama .380 to prep it for some simple engraving. It looks like my sanding and stoning isn't gonna be enough . Is there a particular size/type/grit of file I should use ? I think I saw just recently on a post saying I should use a new one so, should I be able to find a...
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    Are you saying the paint flakes out after it's dry ? Or, comes out as you wipe the surface clean ? My dry Rustoleum is pretty tough. When I apply it, I use my finger diagonally to the cuts or use a piece of paper to wipe. A cloth seems to draw it up and out.
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    Watch engraving - before and after

    Great work as usual David. The closeups really show your clean and uniform cuts. I think its that cleanliness and smooth control that makes your jobs stand out. Will you please do me a favor and show a pic of your gravers you use next to something for size reference? My tiny cuts look like I...
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    Meek squirrel watch.

    Sam, we know you really like squirrels. Thanks to all for the nice comments. Mark
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    Meek squirrel watch.

    Just finished with my Meek Squirrel watch. It's an old Seiko watch I bought used from a friend. While not on the same level as one from David Sheehan or Ron Jr. and others ,the ones I saw on this site certainly made me want one ! I replaced the yellow crown with a silver one ,changed from a...
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    Engraving bronze

    How is bronze to engrave ? I've just found bronze watches. They seem to have plenty of real estate and I like the look. On one website, they show a disc that must have been cut off a bar of bronze and the watchcase is machined out of that. Thanks, Mark
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    Finished New Design

    Your work, particularly your animals has a kind of old time feel to it that's appealing. I like your bison but I like your moose more. Thanks for the pics.
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    diy silent compressor

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    Engraving a chrome plated axe head

    Sounds like...NO WAY for a cheap gun. Thanks.
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    Engraving a chrome plated axe head

    how can the chrome be removed ? I have an old gun I'd like to engrave .
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    Tarnish on nickle silver

    ok, thanks for the help . Mark
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    Tarnish on nickle silver

    I'm just about ready to put my watch together with my new MeekSquirrel dial and I'm a little concerned about tarnish. In the photo, you see a pendant I made for my granddaughter a couple years ago. It looks just dirty or smeared. Should I spray the dial with clear lacquer or coat with wax ...