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    Meek squirrel watch.

    Sam, we know you really like squirrels. Thanks to all for the nice comments. Mark
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    Meek squirrel watch.

    Just finished with my Meek Squirrel watch. It's an old Seiko watch I bought used from a friend. While not on the same level as one from David Sheehan or Ron Jr. and others ,the ones I saw on this site certainly made me want one ! I replaced the yellow crown with a silver one ,changed from a...
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    Engraving bronze

    How is bronze to engrave ? I've just found bronze watches. They seem to have plenty of real estate and I like the look. On one website, they show a disc that must have been cut off a bar of bronze and the watchcase is machined out of that. Thanks, Mark
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    Finished New Design

    Your work, particularly your animals has a kind of old time feel to it that's appealing. I like your bison but I like your moose more. Thanks for the pics.
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    diy silent compressor

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    Engraving a chrome plated axe head

    Sounds like...NO WAY for a cheap gun. Thanks.
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    Engraving a chrome plated axe head

    how can the chrome be removed ? I have an old gun I'd like to engrave .
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    Tarnish on nickle silver

    ok, thanks for the help . Mark
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    Tarnish on nickle silver

    I'm just about ready to put my watch together with my new MeekSquirrel dial and I'm a little concerned about tarnish. In the photo, you see a pendant I made for my granddaughter a couple years ago. It looks just dirty or smeared. Should I spray the dial with clear lacquer or coat with wax ...
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    Carving a picnic basket

    Cool work ! Thanks for posting but, I couldn't take my eyes off your hat !
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    Critique Request Meek squirrel

    Monk should get an award for the " MOST DIPLOMATIC " critique ( r) . I've noticed over the years how he gets his point across but in the nicest way ! I always enjoy seeing his comments. Thanks Monk !
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    Critique Request Meek squirrel

    Dang ! Now, every time I look at it , I see a squirrel and a donut ! That's supposed to be his hip or haunch. I tried more shading right at the last and made that area more pronounced than it should be. I haven't learned yet how to stop picking at my work. I'll try to adjust that. Any...
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    Critique Request Meek squirrel

    Can I get some critique on my Meek Squirrel ? I think he looks a little bushy in the extreme close up but at a normal eye length he looks quite a bit better. The pics were taken outside on a cloudy day and reveal so much more than the indoor lights. I don't have it darkened with ink yet . I...
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    Where to buy gold wire ?

    I've been trying to find some 24k dead soft wire for inlay. I can't seem to locate any. Rio Grande only has 1/4 hard as the softest available. I only know to do an internet search to find a supply company and have had no good results. Can someone suggest another company to try ? I only...
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    A Few Projects - Python and Rings

    I clicked on the photo and let out a WHEEEEW. ( one of those long ,loud and drawn out ones ) ! That's a really pretty gun. And the white grips just really make it ! Nice ,crisp work. Thanks for showing.

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