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    a weird one for ya

    That is something I would be interested in finding out as well
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    a weird one for ya

    Man that looks gorgeous
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    a weird one for ya

    I've been really eyeballing a little pietta snub nose 1860 as a personal piece to engrave and maybe slap in a kirst konversion kit in but they have case hardened frames. Now I know I can anneal the frame cut what I want and re case harden it again but my question is can I french grey on a case...
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    Question: Engraveable watch dials

    On the note about cheaper watches try to get something with solid links the rolled and folded links are much harder than those with solid links and are a nightmare to engrave especially starting out
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    Critique Request NAA mini mag

    I wish but alas I made this one to sell. Just gotta figure out where
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    Critique Request NAA mini mag

    It is, and for those who have worked on these before this is one of the older ones so it was not a very consistent stainless like the newer ones are. There were quite a few really gummy parts followed up by extremely hard spots kind of scattered around throughout the frame. The cylinder was hard...
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    Critique Request NAA mini mag

    So this piece has been long over due in my projects bin started a little over a year and a half actually maybe even pre covid I even had to retouch an area because I got better since starting I know it's not perfect and I should have measured but everything was free handed and since I started...
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    On the topic of print making what's the best ink in your opinion to use for making prints of engravings?
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    selling engraved firearms

    i am very familiar with sale laws as my father has been an FFL/sot my entire life and I live in tx so person to person is fine within tx if I sold through GunBroker I would just have to ship the gun with all of my info to an FFL dealer where the buyer would then have to fill out paperwork to...
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    selling engraved firearms

    I'm about to finish up a piece that I am just refinishing and waiting on a leather guy to make a case for it but was wondering, how do y'all sell pieces that you decide to work on out of the blue from your personal collection? Do you go to a local shop and do consignment or do you go to a site...
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    taurus 44?

    Does anyone here have any experience engraving on taurus's generic 44 magnum revolver. I have only seen a few engraved but wanted to know what the stainless is like before I say yay or nay I know sometimes stainless works good and other times not so much but if anyone has anything thanks
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    Question: What’s a day in the life of a professional engraver look like?

    I agree I myself do production jewelry repair durring the day time. Spend a little lime with my wife before she goes to work (graveyard shift) then jump into my studio and cut away till early morning before getting a couple hours of sleep and repeating the process all with the goal of being good...
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    Question About The GRS Satellite™ Turntable Stand

    I might need to switch to one of these bad boys soon I currently have my standard mounted on a drop play attached to a wooden desk with a leg under it for support but at low spm (pneumatic machine) the whole set up will catch a groove and start to rock back and forth vise microscope and all not...
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    gun hardness chart?

    I remember seeing somewhere a chart of different guns/manufacturers and their ease of engraving but I can no longer find this chart does anyone here have something similar or can you point me in the right direction?
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    first wax seal

    I had been wanting to do one of these for a while but didn't want to ruin one but I was finally confident enough to give it a swing. This is my logo cut into a brass wax seal blank.

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