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    Ron Smith in Monteagle May 2

    Thanks again Scott
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    Silver Finger Picks

    Holy Moly Sam, that is just rediculously awesome. I'd love to see a closeup just to study. Amazing!
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    Silver Finger Picks

    wow, very cool
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    Spiral Staircase

    Wow, that is beautiful
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    Ron Smith in Monteagle May 2

    I'll be there
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    Carving grapevine on a limestone cross

    Tahnks walter, awesome. really enjoyed watching the process. Todd
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    Question: How far do you look ahead when cutting straight lines

    Much like Sam (prob because I spent a little time with him) when cutting a straight line I am laser focused on the edge of that scribed line and my gravwer. Nothing makes me madder than a straight line that's not straight. And the more I try to fix it, the worse it gets. Scroll backbones are...
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    Heavily engraved snuff box

    Beautiful box. Some of it, especially the female figure and the pedestal remind me of some of the high end 18th century engraved powder horns i've seen in some of my books. possibly similar time period. Todd
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    Question: ATI Shotgun

    Exactly Roger. I believe it's an upcoming graduation present. Yeah monk, i've cut a few aluminum motorcycle parts and it's kinda funky to cut. But if it's not anodized or otherwise coated it's doable. Just not sure about this ATI. I assume just polished, but you know what the say about...
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    Question: ATI Shotgun

    Well, it's only a $600.00 shotgun, bargain basement in the world of O/U's. I seriously doubt it's ever gonna have any collector value. But at the end of the day, not my call.
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    Question: ATI Shotgun

    Hi and hope everyone is doing well. I have been asked to put a name and date on the reciever of an ATI O/U shotgun. I'd never even heard of them until I looked them up. An enexpensive import, it says they are made of 7075 aluminum. I looked up 7075 aluminum but the info doesn't mean much to...
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    Delicate 18th Century Sculpture

    Words just can't do that sculpture justice,
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    Rust Busters

    Looks awesome JJ
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    Carving grapevine on a limestone cross

    Very interesting Walter, thanks. Sorry to bother you and and the rest of the forum with such a geeky question, but my day job is geologist so I was curious. I will research it a little now that I know the formation and the location. Todd

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