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    sharping lap

    where was the Kent's tools booth located at, didn't see them at kino this year
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    Lindsey system issue

    would aquarium hose work? or something from the hardware store?
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    graver geometry calculator

    Is there a problem with the down load, I can only get page 1 pg 2 and 3 are blank
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    Are there any engraving related events during the Tucson Gem shows?
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    Transfer magic not sticking

    did you look up Tom White's Transfer Magic, the web site bills it for engraver's transfers.
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    Transfer magic not sticking

    that worked, next time I will not buff out the surface till after I cut the backbone lines, then go back and recut the lines after polishing
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    Transfer magic not sticking

    I am doing all of that
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    Transfer magic not sticking

    Trying to transfer transparency to nickle silver, and the transfewr magic is sticking to the film an pulling of of the nickle silver. the nickle silver was washed in hot water with dish soap and ammonia to clean the surface then wiped down with acetone fore one try and isoprople alcohol for the...
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    CAD Programs for the beginner

    Any suggestions on CAD Programs for the beginning engraver? I am not very computer literate so hoping for something that is user friendly and can be used on a laptop
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    Nickle Silver

    any suggestions on working with Nickle silver, aka German Silver aka White or nickle bronze. Wanting to know how to anneal nickle silver? Also is the point geometry any different then that used on mild steel or as derived from the Lindsay templates? bought sheet from Monster Slayer which is...
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    how to sharpen a liner?

    Thanks for the help
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    how to sharpen a liner?

    how does one sharpen a liner
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    graver sharpening specifications

    is there a site or book that will list the recipe/faceting diagram for the various types of gravers? got a grs dual angle fixture with my hand pc and am trying to figure it all out. thanks in advance for the help. will be using a mdr faceting machine base for sharpening. will be using round...
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    Stockton Jewelry Arts Center

    Is the Stockton Jewelry Arts center engraving program still in business? Have e mailed them with no reply and their Phone message system does not work, "the mail box is full"
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    Coming soon!

    will there be an e book version? or a cd

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