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    Dividers and Calipers

    micromark has just the dividers for $10.45 4 1/2" long
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    Finished New Design

    :beerchug: very good!!!!
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    New Design

    very nice!
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    More Leeks

    I think the Moose looks the best. I like the left scroll going up rather than the other two where the left scroll goes down. The sunflower is a nice signature keep it, it's you.
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    Announcement: English scroll for your help...^^

    I can't see the pictures either what's wrong??????
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    My sex-change operation

    well done! if anyone could do it your the MAN, Dr Mitch
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    By far the simplest Vice/Vise Centering method!

    can the video be made available again?
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    Nick and Dot Engraving

    are there any tutorial on this? the man wanting to try to do this, please help him.
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    Announcement: Pledge Membership

    Sam please find out why I can't use the buy and sell forum on april 6th paypal gave you $15 of my money so I should be a pledge member.
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    Announcement: Pledge Membership

    Sam, on april 6th paypal gave you $15 from my account.
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    Announcement: Pledge Membership

    sam I can't list anything in the buy and sell forum. Why? I am a pledge member.
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    Announcement: Pledge Membership

    I don't know how to contact him.
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    Announcement: Pledge Membership

    Sam I can't access the buy and sell forum. I am a pledge member according to my paypal, account you got paid april 6 what is wrong?