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    Drawing practice...

    Very nice drawings Marc!
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    Canon Inkjet transfer

    Hi darko, I do inkjet transfer to metal With a canon printer. Very simple actually. you need to get the transparency paper that are specific for inkjet printers. and make sure you print on the rough side. let the print dry a little bit, and be careful with it, it can rub off on your fingers etc...
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    Critique Request New member..."first practice plate"

    shading...public enemy number one, haha. I’ll check on Instagram for the tattoos, thanks. what kind of engraving system are you using, I see a interesting unfamiliar handpiece in your profile picture, is that homemade?
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    Reworking my first "project"

    That’s looking really nice Marc!
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    A few recent projects.

    Awesome tattoo machine! Love the black one!
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    Critique Request New member..."first practice plate"

    Hallo Marc! welcome to the forum. you got some nice drawings there, not much I can comment on tho, I’m as green as they come, haha. The only thing that catches my eye in the design that you posted last, are the leaf buds on the beginning and end of the scrolls, they seems a bit big and empty...
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    Some work of the last few years. Long delays in completing this alongside other work that came in. Turkish walnut grips, and checkered at 55LPI.

    Wow! This looks amazing! Your style is right up my alley, and love the carving on the walnut too. Words come short. -thomas
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    Question: Facetting machine for graver polishing?

    you should check Steve Lindsay sharpening templates, if you haven’t already
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    Critique Request Knife guard scroll design

    as a lot of you recommended, I bought the advanced shading video from Sam. I hope I’ll have some free time next coming days to get busy with it!
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    Finished this one.

    That’s too cool! I’m a tattoo addict and recently started to get addicted to engraving. perfect combination
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    Critique Request Knife guard scroll design

    Thank you Michael! I appreciate that you took the time to make a example, and with so much detail. very nice touch indeed to break up the long backbone. Also your shading example will help me a lot, its like a tailored reference. again, many thanks.
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    Critique Request Knife guard scroll design

    Thank you Sir, yes shading... that’s another thing. Never been really good at it, that’s a bit of problem of course with these kind of drawings where it’s critical. I tried shading a few pieces but it start to look messy and clumsy real quick. But I’m learning and still studying, doing things...
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    Critique Request Knife guard scroll design

    Thank you for your input Dan, Im afraid you might be right, I think that I got carried away drawing and forgot the size I was designing it for. This will be a huge challenge, if not impossible for me to cut now , I have almost zero cutting experience, besides a few practice scrolls and lines. I...
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    Critique Request Knife guard scroll design

    I will keep an eye out for your pointers. Yes I do have the habit of wanting to satisfy everyone, unfortunately this is seldom possible. Cutting with good execution is also on the list, but I'm thinking I first need to learn how to properly apply shading in the right areas.
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    Critique Request Knife guard scroll design

    Thank you Sir, it’s really motivating hearing that from someone like you.

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