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  1. edgrabow15

    Turn On The Light

    Cool idea.
  2. edgrabow15

    GRS came through with help fixing issue

    I have to say GRS is very good with their customer service. I've had mine for a while and suddenly it just wouldn't produce air , they connected me with the inhouse repair guy. Talked me thru about 15 minutes of easy disassembly work , a little twerk here a tiny twerk there and she was putting...
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    Conversion of standard handpieces and GRS GraverMax to use AT palm control

    I was a boat upholstery /canvas guy for almost 20 yrs. When I was younger. The throttle of the machines are a foot pedal on the floor level. The rod coming down with the small oval padding thing at the end right by your knee is actually used to lift the foot of the machine ( that's the small...
  4. edgrabow15

    Conversion of standard handpieces and GRS GraverMax to use AT palm control

    That's great news, I actually have both now also. The palm control is great and very easy to adjust to in my opinion. Keep scratching brother, nothing can hold back an engraver who really not just wants to, but NEEDS TO engrave or life doesn't feel complete LOL
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    Conversion of standard handpieces and GRS GraverMax to use AT palm control

    Allen, Foot surgery sux, especially when its your dominant foot, Im right handed in most everything, I had the ultimate surgery on my right foot, The whole right leg up to the knee was amputated after a bad motorcycle accident, I had a left foot gas pedal put in my car so forth and so on, I...
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    Latest work

    Absolutely Beautiful David,
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    Hi Phil, did you try and send me another message yesterday or this morning? I got a new...

    Hi Phil, did you try and send me another message yesterday or this morning? I got a new notification that you sent me a message but cannot find a new one anywhere. Have a good day.
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    Announcement: All Pledge Membership auto-renew subscriptions cancelled

    Hi Sam ,Hope all is well with you & your family, about the payment cancelation , do you need us to send money manually or are we getting a freebie this time round ? Thanks for all the time you dedicate to us. Stay well.
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    Question: Magnification

    Hi Dave ,l have purchased almost every variety out there from the cheapest to a couple hundred dollars. There is a pair that are well over a thousand but l'm not that nuts. The more expensive ones are good as far as magnificatuon, The problem l personally have with All of them is that the minute...
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    It has arrive!!!

    Kind of takes the Hand out of Hand Engraving though , Doesn’t it ?
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    Procreate on l pad class

    Thanks, l just ordered them , l appreciate the help
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    Procreate on l pad class

    Thankyou so much. Ill het started on this 1st thing in the AM. Ill give GRS a call tomorrow also. Stay Groovy ( lol get it? Engravers cut grooves, ah. I tried ) thanks again. .
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    Procreate on l pad class

    I have been gone for quite a few months with a severe illness . Beat the heck out of it & now I’m back. I purchased a top of the line l pad and down loaded the procreate program as a gift to myself but can’t get the hang of it. I read a lot of posts from people praising the class that Sam...
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    Adobe illustrator

    Great place to start. Thanks
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    Adobe illustrator

    Can I currently download adobe illustrator to the new I pad ( with pencil yippie! ) I tried and when the download is sent over it says that it won’t work on mobile divides and that one will be available for iPad in 2020. I’m not super computer savvy and it’s confusing. Any help would be appreciated.
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    Looking for an affordable way to get started

    Where do you live ?
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    Inkjet Printer for acetone transfers?

    I have an extra HP deskjet 1000, They work great use just the #61 black cartridge and print away, If you pay the postage you can have the printer.I have the same one im using and I love it.
  18. edgrabow15

    good deal ?

    I actually found an E mail she sent me on E bay that she sent the cleaner/lubricant because I had mentioned that I have a couple of dental drills and she had the lube but nothing to use it on anymore, ( she had sold her dental hand pieces a few weeks earlier ) so she just added it as good will...
  19. edgrabow15

    good deal ?

    I'm loving it, like you said, no torque but it does a super job,especially in those super tight areas that were impossible b4