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  1. pilkguns

    Very inexpensive practice plates

    I recommend people use tools for practice plates. wrenches, hammers, sockets, , lots of different shapes, contours, and sizes, in all sorts of finishes and hardness levels. just like the real world. and you have to learn how to hold them as well.
  2. pilkguns

    interesting antique engraving

    check it out
  3. pilkguns

    21 years ago Chuck Yeager celebrated ....

    the 50th anniversary of his breaking the sound barrier by breaking it again. He had this knife I engraved in his pocket.
  4. pilkguns

    Recent Engaved Remington Smoot Pistol

    beautiful and classic JJ
  5. pilkguns

    hand engraving setup with a kick wheel

    and are you familiar with Schippers book?
  6. pilkguns

    hand engraving setup with a kick wheel

    you might watch this
  7. pilkguns

    Garage News: Borchardt underway

    stunning stellar supercalifragilisticXPalidocious
  8. pilkguns

    Gold and platinum tiger watch finally finished

    superb all the way around
  9. pilkguns

    Colt Roadster

    Cool. I did some flames on the barrel of S&W once , gold plated them, and engraved Repent on the muzzle end. It was done a for a gospel singer at the time.
  10. pilkguns

    Standing between two giants.

    and for the new ones here, John is the R in GRS, was teaching people how to engrave back in the mid 1950's
  11. pilkguns

    Standing between two giants.

    The paintings on the wall are by John, as are some of the bronzes on the shelf. The landing Mallard is by Maynard Reece (of Duck stamp fame) The bronze in the foreground was by his wife Dorothy
  12. pilkguns

    Standing between two giants.

    Was out in Boulder the other day visiting with John Rohner and Ron Smith. A third giant, Amayak Stepanyan took the picture
  13. pilkguns

    Garage News: birds and more birds

    Lee, I think we can go ahead and start getting your name on the plaques for Best of Show and Best Engraved Shotgun for the 2109 FEGA show. I really think there must be something in that chocolate milk !
  14. pilkguns

    Ifan's TED talk about his pursuit of FEGA Master

    and the Rest of the Story
  15. pilkguns

    Ifan's TED talk about his pursuit of FEGA Master

    worth a watch
  16. pilkguns

    gold from Eric Gold, you can buy !

    wow, finished 20 years ago... I remember seeing this gun in progress.
  17. pilkguns

    Auction to support the 13th annual Engrave In

    24 hours to go, its about $600 below cost right now.
  18. pilkguns

    The Robert E. Lee Colt

    Stellar work Mike on a favorite subject of mine.
  19. pilkguns

    "You have been awarded a trophy"?

    JJ, maybe it'll cut my bald spot off

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