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    for beginners

    It seems to me that we have had a number of questions from beginners. Welcome if you are new and a bit of advice. Nothing will get you off to a good start than spending time with a seasoned engraver. I think you will find it well worth the money to spend a day or two of instruction with...
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    Some forums have ways to send private messages. Do we have that here on this forum?
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    Need help

    My printer quit. I was using an HP Envy 5540 that used 62 ink. Printing on Pictorico transparency and the transfers were fine. The old one was just finished. I needed a new one. I just set up a new HP Envy 7155 that uses 64 ink. I printed a transfer to try and not one spot of the ink...
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    Name of gunsmith

    Does anyone recall the name of a gunsmith that worked in California and signed his work J J P. I think it was in the 1970's.
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    Is there a video or diagram or something that shows how to sharpen the bulldozer? I understand what is meant by dubbing the point when using carbide graver; but is this something different?
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    looking princess cut cz

    I'm looking for square princess cut cz's or synthetic sapphires 2.5mm or 3mm. I want white and blue. I've been doing much searching and the only place I can find them is in China or India. I don't want to order anything from China. I would like to deal with a US source even though they most...
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    English scroll

    Is there a special graver geometry for cutting English scroll? I have made some poor attempts. I don't seem to produce satisfactory results. The dark areas between the scrolls are too small to be made by removing the background with a flat. The background must be removed when cutting the...
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    script lettering

    Internet archive is a great place for information in old books. Winter's School of Jewelry Engraving is another book that some want to take a look. The book has been reprinted but it is very unlikely that you will find a copy. I'm sure that many of us know about this book or may even have a...
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    Standard Scroll Book

    Some may be interested in taking a look at the Standard Scroll Book by Daniel H. Moser. I found it in the internet archives.
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    bolo tie

    Does anyone make bolo ties? What gauge silver is best to use? It is most likely be an oval about 40x36 mm. I have 16 gauge and 20 gauge sterling in my silver supply. Is 20 to thin?
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    cast iron lap

    I have never used a cast iron lap and wondered how it works. I would think that the diamond powder would cut into the lap as well as the polishing the graver. How do they work so they create the polish without cutting into the cast iron?
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    Printer and ink suggestions for transfers

    My old printer is not doing the job it used to and I'm going to by a new one. I am looking for your suggestions. I use Pictorico sheets with Prismacolor 40% gray markers to make my transfers. My HP ENVY 5540 with 62 ink has worked fine last week but no so now. Lets hear from all you that use...
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    transparency film and transfers

    I have been using Pictorico Film for transfers and also some sheets I purchased from Tom White. They both seem to be the same film and are somewhat cloudy. I have seen Mike Dubber's transfers and they are very clear. Somewhere in a thread I saw that Fixxon sheets are used with good results...
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    Sterling silver gauge and thickness

    Gauge of sterling and the thickness in inches, is it always given in Brown and Sharp as a standard for Silver and other precious metals?
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    Titanium Advice

    I've never worked with titanium and thinking of making a belt buckle out of it. What grade? I see there are many different grades. Where Should I go to purchase it? Lastly, how would you attach hook and loop to the back of the buckle? My experience in buckle making is with silver only...
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    Reply to still perplexed

    Just to let every one know what I did to solve the problem. I just deleted everything and created a new file. There must have something in the file causing problems. The new file works fine. Should have done that sooner and not caused people to scratch their heads.
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    still perplexed

    I'm back and thanks for the suggestions. The transfer that I was trying to get to work was some vector lines and small text that I created using Adobe Illustrator. I did everything as I have done many times before but not one dot would transfer. The color cartridge removed so I know no color...
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    what type of ink?

    I just changed My ink cartridge. I have been using 62 HP ink for transfers and it has worked fine with no problems. (good transfers) I needed to change the cartridge and I did as usual. They will not transfer now. What happened? I checked the cartridge and it is No. 62XL rather than No. 62...
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    ceramic lap

    Does any one out there wash their ceramic laps? Is it possible to do this to change from .5 micron to .25micron or will washing it just be a waste of time and money because the two will mix?
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    Question: Gold Background

    I have been looking at the beautiful work of Brian Hochstrat on the recent post of the Browning shotgun. I would like to know how the gold sky was done. Was it done in the usual way of raising teeth and hammering in gold wire? Is there another way. If it was done with gold wire that is a lot...

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