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    YoloSilver Lyle Reed

    tyvm. that's a very nice, highly detailed piece of work.
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    Airgraver Patent Expiration

    i think contacting lindsay would be the wise choice for getting correct info.
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    My latest skull on a Morgan dollar.

    looks quite nice to me. thew hair esp.
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    if push work gives you fits, you're not alone. the air toys allow one to work faster and more efficiently. they also shorten "the curve". be aware-- the skill comes from diligent practice, not any sort of tool. as has been said many times," the skill comes from the guiding hand, not the tool"...
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    YoloSilver Lyle Reed

    sadly, all too often, the gifted leave this world way too early. do you have any fotos of your grandfathers' work ?
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    Question: How to center work under the microscope

    it can be a pain for some, but when nearing the edge of the fov, just use yer left hand and reorient a bit. this works if one has no turntable or centering vise.
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    Pocket microscope for inspecting gravers

    cool for sure. when i suspected a point, i just shoved it under the scope. perfect power and lighting. i do use a similar pocket scope when mass resharpening. the little on board led makes quick of tip inspections. i don't recal where i got mine. it was about 18 bucks & free shipping.
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    Thoughts and opinions?

    quite excellent looking work. try giving mr. bleile a pm on this forum.
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    Grs handpiece

    please post such in the classified section of the forum
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    Homemade Engraving Machine

    i made one shown by shaun hughes. they do work. and are very cheap to make compared to lindsay or grs. it's the old addage, "you get what you pay for". convenience/reliability, or inconvenience and maybe some problems.
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    Question: Super gluing practice plate to jeweler's steel bench block

    hey, dutch: you ever get any engraved cowbell yet ?
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    Favorite Sandpaper

    i use a lot of wet/dry. when it loses efficiency, i still use it in the next step of sanding. i do enamelling on pendants and such. why would you sand the glass surface ? at least what i do comes out very smooth and needs no levelling.
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    Question: Super gluing practice plate to jeweler's steel bench block

    egads ! another trick for me to try. that sounds a bit better than hotmelt on pvc. i'll find out.
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    Heavily engraved snuff box

    the original owner must have been well off. i don't see a "commoner" carrying that about.
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    Critique Request First Revolver Attempt

    i would have covered a bit more of the available area. could you do a couple closeups if no trouble
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    Question: Super gluing practice plate to jeweler's steel bench block

    a fried gave me some when he closed his machine shop. i got a few chunks to spare. send me yer snai address. i'll give you a couple pieces.
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    Question: Super gluing practice plate to jeweler's steel bench block

    super glue works for many tricky situations. two or three drops should work. when done, forget the torch. instead, soak the plate and block in acetone. it takes time, but works. a far better idea--- use hotmelt glue. available in most anny hardware outlet. when time to remove plate, isopropyl...
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    new piece

    a piece this nice is just screaming for a bit of kelp in the background !

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