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    Reworking my first "project"

    You can crosshatch the background with a 90degree graver and then cut the tops with a flat. Is that copper your using? You should try Phosphor bronze. Doesnt tarnish like copper and is much nicer to engrave in my opinion. Here they sell it...
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    Question: What kind of chair do you guys use?

    You dont need a backrest for sitting behind a microscope. You can sit slightly tilted forward. Just need some armrests.
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    Question: Thread deleted?

    No Dutchies allowed here!!! :P Here is your thread:
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    Question: Facetting machine for graver polishing?

    Check this out, made by Shaun Hughes
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    Question: Facetting machine for graver polishing?

    You can also quite cheaply make your own graver hone. Search the forum and youtube for ideas.
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    Question: Microscope Eye Shields

    Was using them on my Meiji Emz-5 and recently removed them. No problem without them. They where the ones with a lip so totaly shield your eyes
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    Correct Parts

    No worries. Enjoy getting started on this journey.
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    Correct Parts

    I think you need some hose to go from compressor to Graver Smith. Does the GraverHone come with the Angle thingy? If not you pretty much need something to get the right angles. If you dont have a microscope I would not buy the Hone but get a good scope. And use an other method of sharpening...
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    Inlaying copper

    Hi Ryan, No paste is needed with the Edenta wheels. The diamond is already in the wheel. With each color having a different grits. I dont have a ceramic stone and with the Edenta wheels you wont need them. Because both are for polishing the gravers and the Edenta wheels are way cheaper than a...
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    Dealing with wrist pain

    If I recall correctly there are even some engravers who have the vise on a rotary table/potterwheel and rotate it with their feet! No wrists involved.
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    Inlaying copper

    For sharpening my gravers to a mirror finish I use diamond wheels for my micromotor/ pendant motor. You can buy them at most jewelry supply houses. Also in the UK. There are 3 grits. I use them after I have made the shape of the graver I want on my powerhone. Then I switch to the diamond...
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    Wire drawing cheat sheet

    Drawing your own wire has some advantages. Because maybe you brought some in a size you needed for a project. Then you have some left over but its to big for your next project. Now you can order new wire in the right size or make what you have smaller. Or if you also have an octagonal rolling...
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    Laser Toners that work with acetone to transfer engraving designs

    I think the HP printer is internaly the same as my Samsung M2026W printer. It was 70 euro. And is also a monochrome laser printer. I think HP makes printers for other manufacturers/brands. My samsungs software could also be downloaded from HP's website. Thats how I found out.
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    Laser Toners that work with acetone to transfer engraving designs

    The liquid is Xylene. It is a solvent just like acetone.
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    Question: Oil filter for air compressor

    GRS sell filters for oil compressors. Also I have an oil compressor and 1,5-2meters of thick tube (gardenhose size) before the air gets to my machine. I dont have the extra oil filter. And have never seen any oil come out and into the machine.
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    Belgium engravers

    There are many engravers in Belgium. Not all are on this forum. Some I know the names of: Bram Ramon Roland Baptiste Alain Lovenberg
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    sharpening question

    Better to use diamond. It will stay flat. Stones will get grooves. I have brought some diamondwheels for my powerhone from Aliexpress and they are nice. grit 320 I think, 600, 1200 and 3000. In Germany there are plenty of jewelry suppliers. Search for them online. They will have what you need...
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    New forum member!

    Welkom hier. For practise plates I really like "fosforbrons" it cuts very nice. And is not to hard. But if you want to engrave knifes. Then might as well practise on the same type of steel as you knifes. Do you have a picture of your homemade engraver?
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    Drawing Device

    Why not put the paper on the screen directly? Wont that work. I do it on my PC screen sometimes. And those are very fragile. A tablet has glass or something over the screen. Maybe this works if you have thick paper.
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    I have a laser printer: Samsung M2026w. Works well when using baking paper. I suspect the printer is actualy made by HP. So you can also test out HP laser printers and see if they work with your transfer method.