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    Question: What Drawing Skills Are Needed for Engraving?

    The following quote impeded my progress for years. I was foolish to heed it. "Any aspiring engraver must fight the urge to start cutting before the drawing and design phase is perfected." George Sherwood To find, " ... practical excercises to acquire certains well-defined skills ... " read...
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    Engraved Colt revolver

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    Dealing with wrist pain

    As I recall, JJ Roberts has a heavy pedestal for his ball vise. Rather than turn the vise, he walks around it.
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    Question: Silver inlay into brass

    I'm planning to inlay some silver lines into a brass cylinder. I am an intermediate engraver when do my best work. I plan to cut the channel sides on my lathe then work the bottom and corners with gravers. What hardness of silver is best? Which channel widths are easier? What should be the...
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    Beginner Practice Plates Questions

    Horror Freight (Harbor Freight) has a $50 chop saw (often on sale for $30) that makes short work of three foot strips of steel.
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    Any recommendations for turntable stand?

    You need not bolt the drill press (or other machine tools) into the floor. They can be bolted into a 3/4" piece of plywood.
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    I have spent thousands of hours (really) in a biology laboratory looking through stereomicroscopes. I say: adjust your workpiece and chair height so that your neck is comfortable and your arms are relaxed; rest your head on your pillow in bed.
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    Of Camera Lucida and engraving

    Many stereomicroscope mfgs made a camera lucida for their top line scopes. Wild was one of these. Today, Martin Microscope makes one for the Wild M5.
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    Laser Toners that work with acetone to transfer engraving designs

    If you get grass stains on your pants, water won't remove them, but alcohol will. You need to match the polarity of the stain (ink) with the polarity of the solvent. Water is most polar, acetone less, isopropyl alcohol still less. As you test various solvents, choose safe ones (!!!) with...
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    Question: I have an idea

    Texas Engraving School runs some online classes. They're on Facebook.
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    What software

    I have been using Adobe Photoshop for photographs for many years. It's excellent for sizing, retouching, labeling and manipulating tonal values (gamma). However it's not vector based and can not originate a scroll or smooth one. I found "Inkscape for engraving scrollwork layout" on YouTube...
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    Basic equipment thread

    Oh, never mind! I found him at Conner Prairie.
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    Basic equipment thread

    I am really impressed by the Schippers book. How canI find info on his workshop?
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    Bausch Stereo Zoom 3

    The B&L stereo zooms with which I am familiar have 2 metal clips on the bottom, one on each side of the objective lens. The 0.5 lens made just for those scopes has a pair of metal rods ~1/4 inch long on either side of the lens mount. You push the lens onto the bottom of the scope (there's a...
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    A few questions from a beginner

    To review the Schippers book, try inter-library loan.
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    A few questions from a beginner

    What Monk said about John Schippers is spot on!
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    Turntable use ... i dont get it :(

    It's hard to define straight down because ... A stereomicroscope gives perception of depth because the left and right eyes get different images from two different optical paths in the microscope. Your brain reconciles the different images, typically preferring one eye over the other (The...
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    Winchester Restoration

    Really inspiring!
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    Photography Tutorial by Andy Shinosky [FANTASTIC!]

    The address has apparently changed. Try this one:
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    Honest Question

    Here's another interesting element to the museum photo. The girls are on one side of the seat, and the boys are on the other. Oh Tempora! Oh Mores! [Oh, the times! Oh, the ways!]