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    Question: Silver inlay into brass

    I'm planning to inlay some silver lines into a brass cylinder. I am an intermediate engraver when do my best work. I plan to cut the channel sides on my lathe then work the bottom and corners with gravers. What hardness of silver is best? Which channel widths are easier? What should be the...
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    Cup & Spoon

    I went to a "gender reveal" party last night. Apparently that's a thing now. I came to find out that I'll be a grampaw in mid December, and the boy will be saddled with the moniker Grayson Ray Davis. I'll wait until he's at least three to make him a bamboo fishing rod, but I can now start...
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    Help, please: Sam's boarder diagram & instruction?

    As I recall, Sam posted a diagram and instructions for a layout and cutting a boarder like this one, but simpler. I know I copied a diagram like that, but I have lost it. I can't find it in my computer or on this forum. Can someone point me to it? Thanks!
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    Mayfly on rod tube cap

    I think I'll make a light box next.
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    "new" transfer method

    Well, it's a new method to me, even though it has been on YouTube for 6 months or more. I don't recall seeing it here, so I'll post it. I have often had trouble with image transfers, but this worked very well the very first time I tried it. The target is a gold-anodized Aluminum screw cap for...
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    Firearm Metal Prep

    I've had Ray Cover schooling and ten plates and five cheap knives of practice. I'd rate my cutting skills as fair+ for production work and my drawing skills as execrable. Even so, I'm plotting my first gun engraving. I'll do my nearly-new (no pits) Heritage Arms .22 SAA (~$160) with a Mike...

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