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    Stuff I cut. Steel engraving for a Gravure Company.

    I agree with Dave. Very unfortunate.
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    Need help (inkjet)

    Thanks Antipop, it's easy to get confused with all this stuff at first. Glad you got a good's like magic when it goes right. :) Hope you get many more good ones.
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    Bench Pin

    A well thought out design for your needs. Thanks for sharing. Sure it will help others.
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    Need help (inkjet)

    Antipop, you are mixing apples with oranges. The 5660 and #62 ink will do great transfers using a transparency film and Tom White's Transfer Magic solution or a Prismacolor pen#PM-121 and burnishing the image to metal. For the Acetone transfer from paper or parchment paper you need an image from...
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    Ron Smith in Monteagle May 2

    Thanks for the news Scott. I will have to make it in Spirit only this year. Hugs to all my dear friends.
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    Question: What Drawing Skills Are Needed for Engraving?

    One of the best books to start learning about drawing is "Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain" by Betty Edwards, ISBN 0-87477-513-2. Under $20.00 Another great one is "Keys to Drawing" by Bert Dodson, ISBN 0-89134-337-7 Under $25.00. Both are practical and down to earth.
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    Critique Request New member..."first practice plate"

    Looking better. Upper center outside leaf could use a 'fold over' to break up its volume.
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    Critique Request New member..."first practice plate"

    On your other drawing.......... Doing a repeat of what you did in the upper left corner into the lower right corner will work . And going back to the outside leaves in the first drawing will maintain a better border and design IMO.
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    Critique Request New member..."first practice plate"

    Great Job. Looks much better to me. You have some nice elements going for you. But more importantly, what do you think? This is going to be a real winner if it is well shaded. Looking forward to seeing it.
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    Question: Hammer and Chisel Engraving

    BunLevittron, please add your general location to your bio. There may be an engraver nearby who could help you.
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    Critique Request New member..."first practice plate"

    Looking good well drawn. But the last segments of the two upper scrolls lack any leaves or buds. This makes for unbalanced, large segments of background. If you black in the background areas you will see it. And to my eye, the three even leaves breaking through the top border seem a little...
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    Critique Request New member..."first practice plate"

    Some nice elements within your design. But the overall design it is not working well within the border you have created. Some of the exterior elements seem like they are forced to just ignore the existing border. The large negative spaces at the lower right and upper left need some thinking.
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    Winston Churchill engraved knife

    Glad it went to you, someone who would appreciate it.
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    Carving grapevine on a limestone cross

    I like your design much more, and especially the flowers at the base. And my dear departed Weimaraner, Prince, being the usual male, would have attempted to "refresh" them. :)
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    Carving grapevine on a limestone cross

    What a beautiful model Phoebe is. A gorgeous creature. And your carving did her proud in her ears forward, attention mode. One of the best tombstones I have ever seen.
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    Pros of procreate and other digital products

    When learning to draw scroll backbones and using a template, use the dot system as a guide. Join the dots with the use of of a hand held pencil. Most people find that they need fewer dots and rely less on templates as time goes bye.
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    one of us?

    Thank you Dan, Another good use of a stencil is for a beginner to check the accuracy of their hand drawn backbone. They can also use it to establish a pattern of dots and then practice joining the dots with a pencil by hand. At first the dots can be quite closely spaced, to make it easier...
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    one of us?

    JJ, many FN Browning engravers used paper stencils. And somewhere in all my junk, I have some Belgium originals. I make and use them too They are made of letterhead paper, water soaked and burnished with a pencil into the master engraving. These were then coated with thin oil ( I use WD-40) and...
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    Need help (inkjet)

    Better take your own transparencies to the office store for samples if you want to use use the solution and burnish method. IF you were talking laser printers/acetone store paper copies will suffice.