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  1. Paulie

    Motorcycle engraving on HD derby cover

    :tiphat:Hi folks, here's another engraved H-D derby cover. I had some problems with creating enough contrast on the aluminium & the background blackening is not as dark as I wished. On the last pic I added some extra contrast. Maybe I can add a little (oilpaint) black in it, however.... this job...
  2. Paulie

    Critique Request 'Good Luck' horseshoe finished

    :tiphat: A quick update of the finished horseshoe. I posted a couple of progress pics a while ago. My first horseshoe needed some more effect than only the lines & lettering so I decided to blacken the lines first. Without removing any background it missed a bit of contrast, so I stippled some...
  3. Paulie

    Critique Request My new scrimshaw attempts.

    :tiphat:Hi folks! After discovering this wonderful engraving world since a couple of years, viewing all the fine engravings & scrimshaw posted & shared by all members, absorbing all the good tips & tricks about engraving and scrimshaw (thanks a lot everybody!!), now... it 's time for me to show...