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    Portable bench?

    Just for another idea I am posting my portable work station. I do jewelry work and engraving on the road at shows. It’s a Harbor Freight folding sawhorse with a sea toolbox that I found in an antique store. Plenty of room for tool storage and with the sliding tabletop underneath I can move it...
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    Engravable 1911's

    Thanks Dave. I think that is the direction we are going.
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    Engravable 1911's

    Good info. Thanks. Any others?
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    Engravable 1911's

    I have a customer that is shopping for a 1911 for me to engrave. I looked at the list but it is in need of help. What ? 1911s are good to cut or at least mediocre in the stainless variety? Maybe looking at a blued variety also. Suggestions?

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