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    Need help (inkjet)

    John you are right, I misinformed myself about the printer I am using. I finally had a successful transfer this morning and have been going at it.
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    Need help (inkjet)

    I'm using this setup but haven't had a successful transfer. Perhaps I'm missing a step, I have my process later in this thread, if you have time can you see if I'm missing something?
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    Need help (inkjet)

    I just got an HP envy 5660 and am using #62 ink cartridge and acetone however the transfer isn't happening. I've prepared my surface with 600 grit, cleaned with alcohol and acetone then tried transfer with no luck. Do i need to shellac, modge podge or hairspray my surface?
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    Need help (inkjet)

    Dean, your post save me a lot of time and money!
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  6. Antipop.piercings

    Winston Churchill engraved knife

    The dynamic contrast of those leaves are impressive.
  7. Antipop.piercings

    Engraved Colt revolver

    What do you think those animals are? Fesant and coyote is what I'd guess but it also looks like a pigeon.
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    Question: Graver heels

    I am brand spanking new to this but I have read a few books, watched hours of videos and called Rex Pedersen to ask about heel function myself. I will do my best as I've just conquered graver sharpening and not much more. On a fresh face about 4 swipes across each side on 600g diamond at 15...
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    Beginner's tool list

    Did Sam's voice narrate in anyone else's head as they read? I truly admire your willingness to teach us scratchers. Just got my G8 today. Spending some time tuning and about to order your beginers seminar. If anyone is/knows an engraver in central indiana please pm me if willing to apprentice or...

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