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  1. Goldjockey

    rose petals

    Part of it looks stamped with polished beveled stamps. Precious and soft metals can be worked in this way like leather. A highly polished stamp with rounded edges is used to create this effect. The metal will naturally take on the same level of polish as the stamp, so if the stamp is mirror...
  2. Goldjockey

    Leopard with Procreate changes.

    Content removed.
  3. Goldjockey

    Colt SAA Engraved.

    WOW! just Wow!!! One of the most beautifully engraved pieces I've ever seen!
  4. Goldjockey

    FFL question

    In my experience, this is a routine request from ATF. Hopefully there is no HOA for your new location, and there are no deed restrictions, or zoning limitations. ATF will look into all of these items before issuing a new license, and believe me, they'll be thorough. The burden of proof is...
  5. Goldjockey

    Need a custom carved moonstone

    A brief word of unsolicited, but important advice. Before you shop the design around for someone else to make. I strongly suggest you do some research to learn if you can get one from the original maker, who is the Copyright owner of the intellectual property in the ring. You don't want yourself...
  6. Goldjockey

    Announcement: Full time hand engraver wanted

    Bill was my basic engraving instructor at GRS. A great teacher, and a really fine craftsman. Love his style. Really bold, and straightforward, with a prominent aquatic feel. Working with Bill would be an absolute blast! So happy to see his engraving practice take off at the level he needs to...
  7. Goldjockey

    Phosphor bronze Canada

    Rio Grande stocks bronze sheet in 6" X 12". 16 gauge is the heaviest sheet available through Rio. They also offer Jewelers Brass which is available in heavier gauges and when polished is virtually indistinguishable from 14K. Jewelers brass is a bit harder than silver, but cuts well, and works...
  8. Goldjockey

    Show and tell

    Oops! meant to post to another forum.
  9. Goldjockey

    Show and tell

    I'm really surprised no one has said so, but you could easily teach shading at master level. Maybe you do? I'd certainly sign up. Your work is amazing, engaging, and absolutely next level! The depth and character in this particular piece is nothing short of breathtaking. I'm an old...
  10. Goldjockey

    GraveMach AT Problems

    Check your compressor air pressure. Try turning it down a bit, and if that doesn't work, up a bit.
  11. Goldjockey

    Quality of work some engraving on Chinese box?

    I agree. The Goraham box looks stamped. The dies must have been amazing.
  12. Goldjockey

    Quality of work some engraving on Chinese box?

    Maybe, but not likely. Look at the unevenness in the pattern and spacing in the borders top and bottom of the central design theme wrapping around the piece. I've never seen a rolling mill turn out work that inconsistent. Templates were certainly used, and perhaps male female repousse' stamps...
  13. Goldjockey

    Quality of work some engraving on Chinese box?

    My mother had quite a bit of handmade silver Thai jewelry, Japanese and Korean artwork, some really old pieces from China, hand carved teak funiture, etc. Really beautiful stuff. I grew up surrounded by Asian art. The piece above doesn't necessarily look Thai to me, but I'm no expert. Why do...
  14. Goldjockey

    Quality of work some engraving on Chinese box?

    Chop looks Chinese, so really a puzzle....
  15. Goldjockey

    Quality of work some engraving on Chinese box?

    Monk is correct. Chased repousse' with some stamp work (same method as leatherwork, basically). Thai silversmiths are masters at these techniques. Not saying it is or isn't, but to me the style looks SE Asian or Thai rather than Chinese. Would not personally classify it as engraving.
  16. Goldjockey

    Texas Two Step

    Hi Joern, Not just you seeing it. I’m a language nerd.
  17. Goldjockey

    Getting started drawing on procreate in 2021?

    Honestly, for someone with limited or no hand engraving or drawing skills, owning a laser engraver is no better than owning a door stop.
  18. Goldjockey

    Texas Two Step

    It was a most pleasant evening, Sam. I had the pleasure of sitting at Lee Griffiths table. I have to admit, I'm from a different world and didn't know him from Adam when I sat down. What an incredibly gracious host, and amazing craftsman. What a pleasure it was to meet you and Lee at the show...
  19. Goldjockey

    Texas Two Step

    No need to appologize, brother. Meeting Sam W. at the show, and seeing his work first hand was an ablosute eye opener for me as well. Wow! It is difficult to imagine a greater representation of the world's greatest engraving talent, all in one place. But there it is......The FEGA show is...

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