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    Hello from Lafayette, LA

    Hi Kev.........lets see those clean cut mister!!!
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    Rococo Images

    Thanks Big-un for posting your take, I too have a number of Dover pub's one is a book on dragons which is excellante. pap
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    Rococo Images

    these are very nice, thanks for sharing, I can't believe with the amount of time my wife spends on pintrist she didn't see these thanks. pap
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    $2.6 million Patek Phillippe makes you really think hard on how long this piece took to complete.................pap
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    Temporary Tattoos- As engraving template

    lets see it please. papart1
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    Critique Request Its been a year!

    looks pretty sweet to me, nice design and execution of it. pap
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    oh by the by........I think my cutting is better now too..........I polish the top of my gravers so I know when their not level with the base metal and I can see the tilt better too. papart1
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    Thanks I did that on a previous post I think, that process is time consuming beyond the so called normal time due to massive amounts of erasing and leaf/knob repairs, but yeah I'm going to do it when I think I'm ready to post again. I can't say enough about the help I'm getting here at the...
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    Very nice, the progression from start to 5 months is pretty dramatic. It's kinda a mix of basic and intermediate. The 3 are a of beginners, intermediate, and advanced are all defined through Sam and his direction. Other sources of instruction probably vary.I do a lot of...
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    thanks for the tap..........thats a good way to super impose the image on the other one.....
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    Rolex Watch Engraving

    Beautiful work always, congrats. pap
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    Thank you sir, there is alot of similarities between yours and mine, I just have to practice,practice,practice...........I draw every day to try to up and not forget what I done, I exercise the elements individually, and now I'm drawing my own scrolls too soooo, we push on. pap
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    Critique Request My first watch movement practice

    sorry Missy.............still pretty darn nice.
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    Mr. Bismuth......perhaps one of yours will be a good copy for me to try tracing please? and what is meant by the finials not being completed? pap
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    Try this one
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    What brand of laser printer works best for transfers?

    dang..........that's not good!!
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    practice drawing

    Thanks guy's, I have one of ron's books and have not looked at in many months, I will look at today and perservier, this balance senerio is something I really have to investigate, I think if I learn more about that, it would make life easier I believe pap
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    practice drawing

    Monk, after you wrote about them I went to ebay/amazon and found them. Would be pretty handy:beerchug: thank you sir. pap
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    practice drawing

    is that the nomenclature........."opaque projector" please? Thanks Monk

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