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    Question: What 1911 to use as a canvas?

    Maybe you can try engraving a metal body Airsoft 1911.
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    Help, please: Looking for Guidance in New Jersey

    My suggestion would be to take the class at GRS first. If you dont like it (the engraving business) then you didn't spend money on tools. If you do like it the folks at GRS can tell you what you need. And you can buy from them directly.
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    Announcement: New PULSEGRAVER announcement

    Does the handpiece it self get hot?
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    Good Clearance for Super Deep Cuts - Graver Shaping

    You can grind a relief behind the face of the graver. So the heel wont hit the metal anymore.
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    Question: Engraveable watch dials

    For practice. Make your own dials or have them made. Laser or water cut from thin sheet. Or and buy a replica watch or dial. Or buy a real dial with out the watch. On ebay you can find loose dials for Rolex etc. I have no experience with engraving watchdials. But I think it is better to...
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    Graver sharpening system for stone setting

    If you have a microscope or good visiors you can resharpen by hand. I resharpen my gravers (for micropave setting) under my microscope. I use the GRS/Edenta wheels that go in your micromotor/flexshaft. They work fast and you get a high polish on all gravers, even sharpening carbide...
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    Anyone else adapting to tremors, or have tips for doing so?

    CBD oil might help. It doesn't contain THC. THC is what gives a high. CBD doesn't. I believe also some people with Parkinson use it to help reduce tremors.
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    Silentair 20A setup help

    Cap in first picture next to 110Volt is a basic filter. That is where the compressor sucks in the air. Dont get oil on that. The second cap on the oil fill tube. I would assume it should go back on the tube. When you turn on the compressor the oil will get warm and might get above the max...
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    Help with gravermax

    First start your compressor so it can get up to pressure. Then turn on the Gravermax. Check if the pressure is good on the Gravermax. If not turn knob. Maybe the pressure is to low. Or some thing has gotten loose inside. You can easily open it up and check if the hoses are connected inside. They...
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    Phosphor bronze Canada

    Just remembered OttoFrei sells also the phosphor bronze. Dont know it Otto ships to Canada.
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    Help, please: Setting benches

    If you search this forum for setting bench you will get some more info. I modified my standard jewelers bench to become a setters bench. What type of engraving are you doing? Because if you engrave firearms or big objects you might be better off with a vise stand or drill press type thing...
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    Grs complicated

    Here is a list with GRS dealers outside the US. There are 2 dealers in the UK Betts Metal Sales Limited, Sutton Tool Showroom Address 49-63 Spencer Street...
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    Phosphor bronze Canada

    I find it engraves very nicely and also is very nice to practice stone setting. It has more strength compared to copper. When setting stones a copper bead breaks easily when making a mistake. The phosphor bronze can bend much more and you can bend it back and it wont break of like copper. If...
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    Question: How to blacken an engraved stainless steel engraving

    Might try to find some type of car-paint. That stuff will stick really well. It is very aggressive paint, it will melt through some plastics. Stainless steel is made not to oxidize easily, and the blueing is a type of oxidizing-process if I am not mistaken. I just read that Stainless can only...
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    Phosphor bronze Canada

    C51000 bronze, use that to search. Maybe you get more results. here some more names: Here in the Netherlands I can get phosphor bronze sheet from a metal supplier that sells to businesses but also to end consumers, like hobbyists. Surely...
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    Gold ingot cracking while rolling

    Good to hear the problem is solved. If you dunk hot metal in the pickle it might absorb some acid in to the open structure which will close when quenched en thus trapping acid in your metal. Which might cause issues or irritation later. About adding copper. I dont think it is a problem. It was...
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    Gold ingot cracking while rolling

    Cracking can occur for different reasons. No need to heat your ingot mould very hot. Just put some oil on it and heat until the oils starts to smoke. If you only add copper to your fine gold, your basicaly making red gold. And the copper/red gold will behave different from the other gold...
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    Metal loss while melting

    Overheating will give more green to your flame when melting an alloy containing copper. It is the copper burning away. Little bit of green is not a reason to worry. Just start your melt and when you see all is about to become 1 molten blob. You can see it it is like a crust layer on molten...
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    Question: How to blacken an engraved stainless steel engraving

    I worked for a jewelry company and we used sharpy to blacken laser engraved images. It wont rub out. But if you have to engrave wide lines then it might rub out. Also Stainless steel and blackening in my search, I found this: Or you can try to...
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    Metal loss while melting

    Some loss is expected. I never weight it. But 2-3% is a lot. If your trouble is the small balls blowing away. Melt big parts first then throw in the small stuff. Make sure your not overheating the melt. It will cause metal to evaporate! Always use proper ventilation. Boric I would coat the...