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    Critique Request Some doodles to show

    I like your attempt at moonlit clouds, JB. Well done And Goldjockey's suggestion about some details on the hills is another winner.
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    Engraving for the wall

    Leland, Congratulations to your son and his wife. Hope they long enjoy your lovely gift.
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    Thank you for encouraging a young man with a dream

    Well done, big improvement. Thanks for giving the suggestion a try, Please also see my PM to you.
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    Thank you for encouraging a young man with a dream

    JB, well done, it is popular and no need to avoid inking the background. Your pendant and design show much better with the contrast IMO. Thank you for giving it a try. Please also see my personal message.
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    Thank you for encouraging a young man with a dream

    Well done and nice design. You might want to try rubbing a little ink into the design to bring out the details. Speedball oil-based Block Printers Ink works well for this. Black #3550. Just spread a little on and wipe off the excess. If you don't like the results you can easily remove it with a...
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    Nikon microscope ques

    Looks good if the price is right. But you might need a more versatile stand if you are engraving big items. With the .4 objective lens it has you should have decent working distance.
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    Metalsmithing course

    A wonderful book to study is "Metal Techniques For Craftsmen" by Oppi Untracht. Published by Doubleday, ISBN 0-385-03027-4. Many many fabrication and decorative metal techniques. It may be out of print at this time but an internet search may find a good used copy. It is a large hard cover book...
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    Latest knife learning inlay

    Very well done, congratulations to you and to your teacher Roger Ronnie.
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    Question: Cleaning wire after annealing

    Hi Dave, That will work, but I prefer a solid a solid for the diving board. The solid plate can be pre heated with a torch and will hold the heat before the precious metal is placed on it. Then most of the heat can be applied to the bottom of the plate without the flame touching the precious...
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    Critique Request Some doodles to show

    The best thing for you to look at for the clouds is a masterful engraving by Lee Griffiths. His was done on a gold background, if I remember, but the cutting would be basically the same. You might find a picture of Lee's work with a search of the Cafe and the FEGA forums. If you don't find that...
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    Question: Cleaning wire after annealing

    Hi Papart, It's just an extra long practice plate held to mostly stick out from a vise. The overhang plate is heated with a propane torch. Under the overhanging "diving board" have a container with your choice of annealing fluid. The evenly rolled wire or sheet metal is laid on it and further...
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    Question: Cleaning wire after annealing

    Allen, I use a jewelers pickle solution or abrasive paper to remove oxidation, followed by a dip in a baking soda and water bath. Dry with a hair dryer. I use just the baking water bath and a hair dryer to eliminate acid from " rusty hands. "
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    Upright Script

    Michael Thank you Michael. Your skills are amazing and I know I could learn a lot from you. Please say Hi to Sam from me and enjoy your Emporia class with him. Have a safe trip.
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    Upright Script

    Michael (Goldjockey,) Among your other skills you are very clever with computer operations. And I marvel and envy that skill.
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    Question: Cleaning wire after annealing

    Allen, I find it safest to clean any wire or sheet that has oxidation before pulling or rolling it to a smaller size. This avoids damaging the die or mill, and/or forcing the oxidation into the precious metal. Also it's important to neutralize any gold, silver or copper metal before inlaying if...
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    Question: Draw tongs

    Hello Mathew, I have drawn a lot of wire and have never used draw tongs. My method is to use a set of small, bent nose, smooth jaw jewelers plyers to gently grasp the tapered end of the wire when it appears from the die. Then I just use my hand to steadily pull the wire through. Give it a try...
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    Critique Request Some doodles to show

    JBtheapprentice, Much better design and bear, well done. But a lot of black night sky. It imparts too harsh of a contrast. Try some moonlight clouds in this area. Clouds will add some light relief and interest, value and depth to the scene. You are doing some good drawing and your bear is...
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    Colt SAA Engraved.

    Insanely beautiful artistry. Absolutely WORLD CLASS.
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    Hammer and Chisel Bench

    Thank you for your kind and generous words, Leland. As a 90 year old, I know what you mean about lifting heavy stuff. My vise has been eating well and gains about 10 LBS each day!! Keep on producing great work with your foot wheel and post some of it on the Cafe, please. Hope to get to see how...
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    Question: What 1911 to use as a canvas?

    Hello JB the Apprentice. If you decide to go with the Rock Island GI you might put in a post on the FEGA forum, for some names of , and people to help you with the takedown and prep work. Just a thought. And best of luck with your project.