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    question for the experts. How would you lay out this knife?

    So i found my old kershaw emerson and im thinking of engraving it. And after playing around with it in procreate im sort of stuck. Its a complex shape with lots of "hardware" to design around. bascially the only thing im set on is some sort of border around the whole thing which isnt very...
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    Getting started drawing on procreate in 2021?

    I have been trying to break into this hobby for awhile now and I just cant get the hang of drawing on the Ipad. I checked the forum and alot of the info is outdated are there are any suggestions for starting out on how to get the hang of it? brushes? templates? I also have both "how do draw...
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    Help, please: Trying to get back into engraving. Brain-stuck

    So basically mr. dubbers was kind enough to sell me an (a personally engraved) Ngraver system awhile ago. I got bit by the engraving bug but ultimately broke down when I was unable to really advance regarding drawing and more importantly transfering. I did some practice plates but none really...